Saturday, 8 December 2007

December 8

Friday December 6th 1978
Had 4 hours free today
Bought Corinna's & my brother's girlfriends presies
Got Corinna a Paddington writing set. Got brother's girlfriend some eyeshadow and lip gloss
Sam cam round at 7.00
We went to 'Follies' at 9.00 with my brother and his girlfriend
There's a bit of a predicament between me and Sam
I can't go to Stafford cos of money & job
Sam objects to coming down every weekend
I can understand what he feels
So I don't know what to do ... HELP!! (yep it is a tricky one!! Hope you are not looking to me as an adult to help I am rubbish)
I still love him a lot

Day 8

I love this game because (and don't laugh) it is a brain training type thing. Short tests some easy and some are just huh??????

This is one of the most weird video I have seen in a long time .... it defies any explanation

Have to share with you my simply gorgeous shoes I bought today for partying this Christmas.........


nursemyra said...

where the hell did you find that video???

70steen said...

hee hee my cuz sent me a bizarre Youtube video from Japan as a link and this was a 'suggested what you may view too' ... how weird is it???

nursemyra said...

totally f#*&#ng weird