Friday, 14 December 2007

December 14

Thursday 14th December 1978
Got up at 10.00 & washed my hair
Went to college at 12.00
Made rough puff pastry & Florida Cocktail in cookery
Got home at 6.30

Phoned Sam at 8.50
Played subbuteo with my brother (surely he didn't allow me to play and surely it wasn't with Sams present??)
Did essay on Elizabeth Fry
Went to bed at 11.00

Day 14
What is your 'elf name' I am Jolly Fluffy-Paws (awww!)

This is another cool stress buster game...... I have only managed 100,000 so far but I will get better, it is definitely a 'just one more go' type of game (thanks CK !)

This is funny and I have been asked to dance a few times by blokes who had some of these moves (check out the Ice Ice baby) hee hee


nursemyra said...

I'm Snappy Mistletoe!

70steen said...

that suits you :-)

shle3pyb4by said...

hi! ;)

i got dingle o'leary... whats that mean? *giggles*

boh! no idea! ;)

*twirl and really really wants the meow meow mittens!*

70steen said...

How very apt you are an Irish elf :-)