Saturday, 1 December 2007

December 1

Well we are here in the Christmas month and I can now stop keeping a diary again (phew) To take us up to the festivities I have decided to combine December 1978 with an advent calendar. This will include maybe some humour, some 'awwwwww cute', games and links to FuelMyBlog Competition.

I have only just thought about this so am ill prepared as to what I will post but it will come along as the month goes by and we hurtle to the big day (I must thank my cuz CK who will be giving me food for thought on here) ..... so without more of a do .............

December 1st 1978
Got up at 9.00

Woke Sam

Went to College.
I forgot my gloves it is so very cold

Met Sam at 2.30 Went to the hospital about my jaw = ok now (thank goodness no more threats of wiring my jaw shut!!)
Went to the 'Brick & had a coffee with Mike and Stan (a COFFEE???)
Sam came round at 6.30

Went into town at 8.30
Met Fi & her boyfriend
Went to the 'Brick
Met 'J' on the train home
She came in for a coffee

(just a practice for the competition btw ... I know I didn't get all webs in !!!!)

Day 1

With all the bad news in the press these days I have decided this is the only paper I will be reading in future

Frustrated..... need to let out some stress ........ just wait until you have had a go at this (only managed one wall so far )

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nursemyra said...

oh those puppies... aawwww cute