Monday, 31 December 2007

December 31

Sunday 31st December 1978
Got up at 11.00 (no wonder 2 nights on the bounce to bed after 2.00 am! Oh they were the days lol)

Washed my hair

Sam came round at 2.00

Just watched T.V. etc

Fi came round at 7.30

We all went to the Railway in Formby
Then we went to Jim's house for a party = right piss up
(Jim's parents in 70s land were the coolest of cool, they let us have free reign in the house on many occasions and just went off to bed. Mind you Jim's dad was the only person who I knew would have vodka with his cornflakes in the morning. Funny how you see things differently as an adult!!)
Everyone was snogging everyone
We had a stupid row and we were both in tears coz we thought we were finished
(pleeeease!) I think everything is ok now
Got home at 3.15am coz taxi didn't come (hey it is NY what did I expect)
See you next year - bye (hic!) (erm come on where did you hide the diary??)

Glitter Words


Anonymous said...

Hello and Happy New Year!

Off to have a stroll around your blog now ... and I think I'm going to swipe those pretty angels for my New Year's post tomorrow.

70steen said...

Hi Azahar welcome

I swiped from the net so I'll let you.
I am just offski to a party so I intend an afternoon of rooting through blogs with a hangover tomorrow
You must pop in to FMBs surprise party
Happy New Year

upset waitress said...

I'm inspiring a good drunk tonight :) What way to meet 2008. Happy New Year Teen!

nursemyra said...

aw... those little sparkly cupids, they're so cute

happy new year xx

Daddy Papersurfer said...

You're turning into Shinade!!!

70steen said...

UW hope you had a good one .... I did so I am told lol :-)

70steen said...

thank you NM :-)
Hope you had a great New Year x

70steen said...

DP just thought we could use a bit of giltz and glamour rock on here for New Year. Did you enjoy the party last night???.....

Daddy Papersurfer said...

There was a party!!!??!

70steen said...

Hmmmmmmm? It is worse than I thought !!!!

Kimchihead said...

Happy New Year!

70steen said...

Thank you Kimi
& a Very Happy New Year to you too