Friday, 28 December 2007

December 28

Thursday 28th December 1978
Train 11.21 from Lime Street
Got to Liverpool at 11.00
Train left on time and got to Stafford at 12.40
Went with Sam to his office then I walked around Stafford
Got back to his house at 6.00
Watched TV
Went to the Woolpack
Watched some more TV

(Good grief what a totally unexciting day)

Events & News

My book arrived today.
'What book?' I can here you ask

It's a special book full of special people
'What's so special about them?'
They are all a lovely community of bloggers that is why they are so special
'What is the community?'
FuelMyBlog that's who!
'So what is the book about?'
It is an idea to show the world (and our friends and famili
es) the humans behind the blogs
'All well and good but who will buy it and why?'
All those who entered and others who didn't plus all the proceeds from the sales go to charity

'Which Charity?'
Doctors without Boarders
'Wow that is great idea, where do I buy one?'
Just click here go ahead you know you want to!!!!

If you are still not convinced then be afraid... Fracas and I on the same page and we can cook up mischief shut up in there as Daddy P already knows lol

Linda at 'at Linda's'
Has asked a favour that all us bloggers pass on her YouTube video or post it to our blogs. It is the least I can do as she organised a fabulous competition, which amazingly I won ( I chose a Laga handbag made by the tsunami survivors at Aceh)
Also my nicely turned ankle & shoe features in the video waytogo Linda :-)


fracas said...

Yep.. we belong on the same page for sure. Just think about all the sleep DP loses when he takes that book to bed with him.

Fear can do that to a person of his age...

70steen said...

I think he may be tempted to superglue the page together so we never get out hee hee
Apparently he has pads though!!!!

upset waitress said...

This video is fabulous. WTG Linda. Haretataha Loving it.

nursemyra said...

upset waitress - we meet again :-)

sorry, linda & 70s, I can't watch the video at the moment. I got a new computer for xmas and it's taken all day to get it to the point where I can actually blog again. no youtube watching yet :-(

70steen said...

Welcome & thanks for stopping by UW :-)

NM a new PC brill, got to get one too. My monitor has a pink tinge to it and the whole system is running so slow, I want photoshop but this PC ain't big enough..... so bite the bullet time me thinks in the next couple of weeks. It is such a phaph to set it all up though

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Ah ha - now you're after a freeby! There is a rule at FMB, that if someone has already won a handbag or a book during 2007, they can't win anything ever again - sorry it's the law.
I can't show Linda's YouTube thingy at my place - it doesn't support that sort of behaviour and Nursey's got a new puta!!!! I get all the news here.

70steen said...

show me the small print !!!

Didn't you win a book? A paper clippy one?? so T-shirts don't count either???? Strange rules these.... chap's rules per chance???

Sort these puta's you are missing out

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Hey - there's a game of virtual tiddley winks going on at Mr. Woppit's!!!

70steen said...

where you bored this afternoon???