Friday, 7 December 2007

December 7

Thursday 7th December 1978 (51 weeks)

Got up at 10.00
Had a bath & Hair wash
Went to college at 12.00
Came home at 1.00 to pick up my cookery stuff (doh young 70s... & I nag my Teen for being an airhead!!!)
Made a rich cake mixture gateaux with fresh cream and piped blue butter icing (simply lovely!!) (sound a sickly mess hee hee)
Got home at 6.15
Watched Top of the Pops.... Rod Stewart Do you think I am sexy is number one
Later watched the Sweeney
Tried to do an essay on social change & Marxist theories
Phoned Sam
He got my letter today
For 2 weeks work he got paid £41.00 not bad (not bad?????)

Day 7

This little game was released as a promo to the last Superman movie so it is a bit old in relative terms but I like it (only because I can do it !!!)
I said the other day the only paper I would be buying would be the Daily Puppy........ I take that back there is also the Daily Kitten awwww

Some classic 1978 Christmas Day entertainment !!!


nursemyra said...

rod stewart and I once went to the same party.

he had an entourage of blondes with him including a Miss Australia winner. some cheesey person put "do ya think I'm sexy" on the turntable when he walked in


70steen said...

ooo NM rubbing shoulders with the rich & infamous hey

I'm afraid Rodney does absolutely nothing for me but I guess with all that money does he care lol

nursemyra said...

yeah, he's pretty repulsive. ain't that the truth

70steen said...

thank goodness you weren't tempted :-)