Monday, 29 October 2007

1978 September week 39

Sunday 24th September
Sam goes to Derby
(this has been crossed out, I guess it is a reference to him going to Derby College which of course he didn’t in the end)

Went to go to Waterloo but there were no trains
Sam hitched down
Mar = in Llandudno
Sam stayed for tea
Went to the Arion
Came home at 8.30
Had a great time (I guess Mar hadn’t come hope by then tut tut!!)

Monday 25th September
College at 9.00
Sam met me for lunch
He met me again at 4.00 (we finished early cos of a student union meeting)
Sam came for tea & he left at 6.30 to get the 7.20 train to Stafford
Fi came round at 7.40
Went to a fashion show at Tiffany’s
Van Allan & Clobber clothes (Clobber was great as you could get cheap Brutus Gold Jeans... great jeans, I had a pair with plaited denim on the pocket like on the advert )

Timpsons shoes and hair by Sillouette = ok
Phoned Sam when I got in at 11.00
He said his afghan is ace

Tuesday 28th September
Skived General Studies to do Business Studies essay instead
Sam phoned
He went to see Stafford 5 v Liverpool South 1
Wrote him a letter
Had a bath & washed my hair

Wednesday 27th September
In college 9 –11 am
Met Sally S (Quanita) on the train.
Haven’t spoken to her for 5 years (now this girl went to Primary school with me….. she had a phase where she insisted her name was Quanita not Sally !! She must have been about 7 years old at the time)
Me & Fi went to school.
Saw a few of the teachers
Went to town at 3.45
Got a taxi to my brothers head office to hand in his timesheets
I then went to have heat treatment
Got soaked after a down pour
Posted a letter to Sam
Phoned Sam at 8.00
European Cup
Liverpool 0 V Notts Forest 0
Notts Forest win 2-0 on aggregate (sob!)

Thursday 28th September (41 weeks)
Went for heat treatment at 10.00
Had Business Studies at 12.00
Made Damson Jam in cookery = got 7/10
Got 14/20 for Business Studies essay
Watched the ‘Sweeney’ = great (classic line in the clip)

Phoned Sam
He’s coming back tomorrow but he is absolutely skint
Bought my brother’s birthday card

Friday 28th September
Full day at college
Got 5/10 for Sociology essay (oops)
‘J’ is in London with Art College
Sam came round at 7.00 and left at 11.00
He is going back to Stafford on Monday
Watched a film called ‘Charly’ = good

Saturday 30th September
Weather = miserable and awful so I didn’t work
Sam phoned and he came round at 1.30 pm
Went into town
Bought 3 books from a book sale 50p
Went to see ‘J’ & ‘onion bum’
Sam stayed for tea
Went to town
Went to the ‘Brick & Arts Centre (wow!) (do I note an air of sarcasm??)
Had our pictures taken at the booth in the station = ok
Sam wanted to go to the ‘Brick from 11.00 – 2.00am but I said no.
Sam not very happy (tee hee)

A classic Sweeney car chase..... brilliant :-)


nursemyra said...

what? no cookies this week? no pie?

70steen said...

I think it must have been the nutrition / chemistry part of the course ....... hated it .... just love/d cookinh yummmmm !!!