Friday, 26 October 2007

1978 September week 36

Sunday 3rd September
Got up at 10.30
Had a bath & hair wash
Sam & Fi phoned
Sam came round & we got a lift to town
Fi met us in town at 3.30
Went back to Fi’s
Then we went to Formby
Had a massive row about him not wanting to go to college
He wants to get a job (stupid boy) (yes stupid boy)

Monday 4th September
Worked 9.45 – 6.30
I am waiting on across the road during the winter (oh crap)
Mar, my brother, Bev, Sam & Fi came to se me at work
We watched a bit of ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’
Then me, Sam & my brother went to the Arion
Sam left at 11.00

Tuesday 5th September
Enrole at Tech

Met Fi at 10.20 & we went to the Tech
We were there for about an hour
Met Sam & Chris
Went for a drink in the Art Centre then went back for dinner at Fi’s
Sam came round at 7.00
Went to the Snooty Fox
Met Chris’s cousin and his girlfriend
Got home at 11.10

Wednesday 6th September
Dentist 12.15
= cancelled
Worked 10.15 – 6.00
Got £4.50 wages
Bought ‘A Picture of You ‘ Blondie for Sam & a white overall for Tech
(oh how trendy was this…. White with a blue and white checked collar… so unforgiving)
Sam, Bev, Ange came to see me at work
Sam came round at 7.00
‘J’ phoned
Uncle T has gone into hospital about his heart (Uncle T was a great man, on the D Day landings his convoy was blown up, every one was killed except him. He was found whilst they were clearing up the dead and someone noticed he had a fresh tear in his eye. I remember him with a huge dent in his forehead and a grey flecked complexion. The grey was the shrapnel that was coming out of his skin all those years later and the dent was due to the force of the explosion. )

Thursday 7th September
Sam = interview at the Scarisbrick Hotel 11.00 (aka the ‘Brick)
He decided to go for another interview instead in Waterloo but it was only paying £19.00 per week
Went to Liverpool at 2.00pm
Bought a piping bag and file paper etc

Sam took me to the Casa Italia in Stanley Street
I had Maccaroni Casa Italia& Gateaux = great (wasn’t that the era of gateaux… Black Forest.. so sophisticated!)
(I also remember sitting in the restaurant Sam had a blue and white checked shirt on … and so did all the waiters !!!!)
Got home at 8.15
Keith Moon died today aged 33

Friday 8th September
Worked 10.00 – 6.30
Waited on in the Golden Inn from 3.00 pm –6.00 got 75p in tips (oh how we would dread that phone call ‘can *** come and wait on ‘)
Sam came to see me for about 2 seconds
He’s broken the news to his parents about him not going to college
They’re not too pleased (erm understatement)
Stayed in all night
Sam goes to Stafford at 9.20 tomorrow morning
Mel is pregnant (?????)

Saturday 9th September
Sam went to Stafford this morning
Tidied the living room and my bedroom
Got things together for Tech
Phoned ‘J’
Sam came round at 7.30
His parents said he’s either to go to college or get a job in Stafford
He is staying at Mike’s as his Grandparent’s are in Scotland


Daddy Papersurfer said...

I liked Keith Moon - totally mad but with that certain glint in his eye. I suspect he knew exactly what he was doing and the likely result .......

70steen said...

Yes I liked him too.... I agree totally mad. I feel maybe he thought he was invincible and the thought that if it all goes wrong 'what the hell!!'

Dr Chewbacca said...

I recently read some stories about Keith Moon, having heard of the upcoming movie with Mike Myers. This guy was crazy.

70steen said...

Wow Dr C you have been delving deep in my drawers ... :-)