Saturday, 27 October 2007

1978 September week 37

Sunday 10th September
Got up at 8.45 am
Phoned work but wasn’t needed
Weather = stifling but windy
Stayed in all afternoon and watched TV
Sam came to tea & then we went to the Railway in Formby with my brother

Monday 11th September
Go to Tech at 2.00 pm
Filled in forms & got split up into groups
Me & Fi = Mrs C’s tutorial group
Got 6 hours Sociology & 7 hours of Business Studies & Cookery
Timetable = OK
Got out of there at 4.00 pm
Chris brought me home
Sam came round at 6.30 pm
Went round to the station to see if my train pass was there but it wasn’t

Tuesday 12th September
9.00 Sociology
10 – 12 Ancillary
12 – 1 Cookery
2-3 Business Studies
I am taking General Studies A’ level next year
All subjects = ok except Business Studies (first impressions were very right in this case, the lecturer was soooooo boring!!!!)
Sam met me at lunch time, went to the Art Center for dinner
Sam came round at 6.45 – 11.00 pm
His mum is getting an Afghan Hound a week on Friday

Wednesday 13th September
9.00 – 11.00 Sociology
2.00 – 4.00 Recreation
Sam met me for lunch, went to the Art Centre
He left to go to Stafford at 2.00 (3.20 train from Liverpool)
I am doing volleyball in recreation

Finished today at 2.30
£13.50 wages
Fi came round 4.00 – 5.00
Phoned ‘J’
Sam phoned
Said his mum was ok towards him
He’s got a job interview on Friday

Thursday 14th September (38 weeks)
9.00 am hair appointment at Headlines
Had my hair layered and permed = ok

12.00 Business Studies
2.00 Tutorial
3 – 6.00 Cookery
Phoned Sam
He asked me to write to him so I did
I miss him
Read p.18 – 34 ‘Commerce Made Simple’

Friday 15th September
Dental Clinic
Sam = interview at 11.00 for a job with Stafford newspaper
Letter off Corinna
Bought her a calendar for her birthday
Hospital said my jaw was due to worry and my wisdom teeth (worry?????? I am surprised by that… I couldn’t give a dam about anything except times of the day lol )
I have to have heat treatment 3 x a week for 3 weeks
Sam phoned at 7.30
Said he has to go back to the Newspaper on Thursday to do some practical photography
I really miss him but I do hope he gets the job

Saturday 16th September
My cousin in London gets engaged today
Worked 10.00 – 6.15 = very, very busy
Phoned Sam at lunchtime
He is still in Stafford
Watched the ‘Magnificent 7’
Phoned Sam again Wrote to Corinna


John C said...

The afghan's beautiful. Are they harder to keep up with due to their hair?

nursemyra said...

is that a photo of an afghan? it's so dark I can't tell

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Afghans are very regal - which as Al Murrey pointed out last night is lager backwards - seems appropriate.

70steen said...

Hi JC they do take a lot of brushing ...... thankfully I had the fun bits with this dog as I was a visitor

70steen said...

NM - it is a bit dark isn't it... I will be putting other photos up later

70steen said...

As ever DP very informative.... haven't you got packing to do ???