Tuesday, 23 October 2007

1978 August week 34

Sunday 20th August

Got up at 11.30
Phoned Fi & Sam
‘J’ phoned me
Wrote to Corrina (my pen pal in Germany)
Fi came round at 3.00
Sam went to Formby
Sam came round at 7.00
Chris picked us up at 8.30
Went to town and had a game of (shield your eyes Daddy P) crazy golf
Then we went for a coffee at the Golden Inn
Drove to Freshfield where Sam got his train at 11.20
Got home at 11.40

Monday 21st August

Worked 10.00 – 6.30
Sam came to see me
He’d bought the Rezillo’s single ‘Top of the Pops’

Went to the library
Had a terrific row with spaz feature (sorry) my eldest brother he is a bastard
Sam came round at 7.00 pm
Watched TV
Good film = ‘THX 1138’

Tuesday 22nd August

Got up at 11.30
Had a bath & phoned Sam
Fi Phoned
We (Fi, me & Sam) went to Southport
Sam walked out on me when I called him a pain after he had tipped me off my seat in the Gallery Grill as a joke (oh well done girl what sort of behaviour is that??)

I phoned him later to find out the circumstances
Sam apologized

‘J’ & ‘onion bum’ came round
Went to get some alcohol
Saw Ashy he only got 1 out of his 3 A’levels.

Wednesday 23rd August

O’level results

Worked 10.00 – 6.30
Rang school they said I got 4 O’levels – Eng Lit, Eng Lang, French (WHAT!!!!!) and Art

With the grade 1 Maths I have 5
Ange got 1
Fi = 5
Sue got 9 + grade 1 Maths (ooo don’t you just hate some people)

Went to the Snooty Fox
Met ‘J’ & ‘onion bum’ then we went to the Grape Escape
We went for some chips & missed the train
Got the bus
Mar went mad
Sam had to stay the night

Thursday 24th August

Woke Sam at 10.00 & Fi rang just after
Went down to school
Got Eng Lang =B, Eng Lit =B, Art =B, French =C,
These don’t count Geography = D, Maths = E & Biology = U (I was do amazed I didn’t pass geography & Biology but passed French after 5 years of abuse)

Fi came round at 11.00 and we went to see my Maths tutor to tell him my results.
His wife has just had a baby (wow that ‘baby’ is now 31 years old lol)

Washed and polished Kate’s dads car got £1.00
‘J’ and ‘onion bum’ came round for an hour.
He has a new Kawasaki 200 = good
Sam left at 11.00
My brother is getting at me again (bastard)

Friday 25th August

Worked 10.00 – 6.30 = quite busy
Sam came to see me at work. He was a bit drunk after being in Liverpool all day with Mike.
Bev = 2 O’levels Cookery –C & Eng Lang – B
Sam came round at 7.10
We watched TV and listened to records
He is going to Stafford tomorrow at 9.20 am

Saturday 26th August

Got up at 10.00
Phoned Fi
Had a bath
Went to Southport with Fi
She bought a pair of jeans
I bought a ‘hacking jacket’ for £15.99 (wow that was expensive… but I wore it to death… I do remember that.. damn I had a photo of it somewhere?? )

Stayed in all night
Sam phoned & said the motor racing at Donnington was great

Jackie = 2 O’levels Eng Lit & Lang


Daddy Papersurfer said...

You made me shield my eyes too late!! Crazy golf!!!!!! Actually I whopped his lickle botty this last visit. I don't pander to little egos. If you mentioned Sonic Rider though, which obviously you couldn't because computers weren't invented yet and we still used cocoa tins and strings to communicate with, he whopped me.What was I saying, I lost track ..... I'm so excited about my T-shirt - tee hee

70steen said...

You are obviously such a good role model for young papersurfer. I hope you realise he will have a fear of golf in the future!!

Sonic Rider.... fab ......

Oh I didn't know.... did you win a t-shirt? ... don't think you have mentioned it before ??

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I'm thinking of retiring now.

70steen said...

retiring from what???

Daddy Papersurfer said...

You sound like my children.

70steen said...

Thought you may like to adopt me so I am practicing :-)

I am house trained

Anonymous said...
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