Sunday, 28 October 2007

1978 September week 38

Sunday 17th September
Got up at 9.30
Messed about
Made Lemon Meringue Pie & shortbread
Watched TV
Washed my hair
Did some ironing & listened to records
Phoned Sam
He’d been to Silverstone to watch car racing
My brother came back from St. Ives today ( I love St. Ives)
He bought me back a silver chain with my initial on it
(aww I take back all I said about him lol)

Monday 18th September
Not a bad day at college
Had fish fingers & chips from the refectory = 27p (wow bargain)
Sam met me in there at 1.00
Walked round town
Had 2 x sociology this afternoon
Got home at 5.30
Sam came round at 7.00
Me, Sam & my brother (younger) went to the Arion
Then came back home
My brother (older) goes to Belfast tomorrow

Tuesday 19th September
Corinna’s Birthday
(I wonder where she is now?... Check out the wallpaper)
Sam met me at 12.00
Went to the refectory had hamburger and chips = 32p
Sociology, General Studies, Nutrition (chips 2 days on the trot!!!) & Business Studies all = boring
Sam came for tea
Stayed in all night
My brother phoned he’s in County Armagh at Ballylumford Power station
He got an XJ –12 Jaguar to Manchester airport. It was a taxi and cost £20
Had heat treatment on my jaw at 3.30

Wednesday 20th September
Sam met me at 11.00
Walked round town
Has egg on toast at Reeces’s cafĂ©
Went back to Tech to meet Fi & Chris
Played volleyball in recreation
Heat treatment 4.00
Sam came round at 6.00 and he left to go to Stafford at 7.50
Fi came round at 8.00
Sam phoned 3 x he was stuck at Crewe
He was told to change there but the next train was 1.30 am
£4.50 wages

Thursday 21st September
Went for heat treatment at 11.00
Cooked all afternoon = fruit salad & shortbread
‘onion bum’ had another bike accident
Sam phoned. Said he had got to Stafford at 11.45pm after his mum came to pick him up
He went back to the place at the newspaper where he had to take 10 photos & print some negatives
Phoned ‘J’ but she was out at ‘onion bum’s’
Sam phoned at 10.30 just as I was going to sleep

Friday 22nd September
Went for a drink with ‘onion bum’
Had dinner with Fi
Made scones in cookery = nice
Sam came round at 7.00
He got back from Staffs about 3.30
Went to the ‘Brick met ‘onion bum’
Then went to the Snooty Fox & Rummies (named after Red Rum I expect!)
‘J’ & ‘onion bum’ went off to Tiffany’s
Sam, my brother and some others went to the Midnight Lounge
I came home coz I am working tomorrow
All those lot are going to the ‘Brick from 11.00 – 2.00
Hope Sam = ok
Received a lovely letter from him today & 2 stickers

Saturday 23rd September
Worked 10.00 – 6.15
Quite busy for the time of year
Sam & ‘onion bum’ came to see me
Both were drinking all afternoon
Sam came round at 7.00
Stayed in all night
Fi phoned her and Chris are going for a meal
Sam left at 11.00


Daddy Papersurfer said...

I'm surprised you needed heat treatment on your jaw - I would have thought enough heat would have been generated by all the rabbiting - tee hee

70steen said...

ooooh I can hardly breathe my sides are splitting (in the biggest sarcastic voice I can muster on a Monday morning) hee hee :-)

nursemmyra said...

yummmmm.... shortbread and lemon meringue pie.... I'm drooling

70steen said...

mmm very yummy ;-)