Tuesday, 30 October 2007

1978 October week 40

Sunday 1st October
Got up at 11.00
Phoned Fi
She and Chris are having a break
Had a bath and washed my hair
Went to Waterloo, it cost me 52p single
Had my tea there
Came home with Sam at 8.00pm
Played the 'Bermuda Triangle' & 'High Finance'
He left at 11.00
Fi phoned

Monday 2nd October
Fi's Birhday
Met Fi on the station gave her her present
Sam met me at lunch time 1- 3 pm
He met me at 5.05 pm (oh no what is wrong with saying about 5.00pm!!!)
I got wet waiting
He came for tea & left at 6.30 to get the train to Stafford
Went to Boots fashion Show with a disco afterwards = good

Tuesday 3rd October
Got up at 8.00 & went to college
Finished at 3.00 pm
Went for heat treatment
Stayed in and did some ironing & some of my Sociology essay

'Is a nuclear family structure inevitable in an industrial society?'

Phoned Sam
He went to see Stafford FC v Buxton. They won 4 - 3

Wednesday 4th October
Went to college at 9.00
Came home at 11.00 & went back at 2.00
Played volleyball
Did a bit more of my Sociology essay
Washed my hair
Sam phoned & I also received a letter from him this morning
It took from 9.30 pm last night 'til 8.15 this morning to get here ... not bad eh? (bloody miracle)

Thursday 5th October
Got up at 9.30
Went for heat treatment
Made bread and iced buns (oh YUM!) in cookery

Sam phoned
I am getting the 7.21 train to Stafford tomorrow
Went to a party at Tiffanys with Fi
Phoned Sam from there
Really miss him
Got home at 12.30
'J' is not going out with 'onion bum' anymore

Friday 6th October
Went to college at 10.00
Fi went home (???)
Went to the hospital at 3.00
Miss Jones said (& oh how Daddy P would love this .....ah shame he is on holiday lol !!)
If I don't co-operate my jaw will be clamped together for a week!!!
Went to Stafford got there at 8.30
Went to the 'Woolpack' & Saracen's Head
Watched a film called 'Don't be afraid of the dark'
Sams dog is lovely

Saturday 7th October
My Brother's Birthday
Got up at 10.30
Watched 'Swap Shop' (it was just the best teen watching ever... a Saturday morning programme just for us )
Went to Oulton Park to watch saloon car championship = good
(now this is in Sam's handwriting)

Got back at 6.15
Washed my hair & had a shower
Went to the Woolpack 'til 10 o'clock & then went to the village hall = absolutely terrific ??


nursemyra said...

oh my it's so quiet around here without daddyp

70steen said...

oh I know ...... hadn't realised just how noisey he was :-)

can't believe he missed me being threatened with having my jaw clamped hee hee ..............

Malcolm Crowe said...

Life sure was different in the 70's. At least the cloths still look cool.

70steen said...

Hi Malcolm
Thank you for popping in.
Yes it certainly was different, no mobile phones, no internet, cable TV, playstations etc
The fashions were great though :-)
Congrats again at being Blog of the Day