Thursday, 1 November 2007

1978 October week 41

Sunday 8th October
Got up at 10.00
Sam’s sister went to Malham at 8.30 am
His Grandparents came
They stayed for dinner and tea
Me & Sam went for a walk & had ‘pooh sticks’ & skimming stones competitions
Got a bit mucky
Left Stafford at 8.15
Sorry to leave
Got a lift home from his Grandparents
Home 10.05 pm
Summer Nights still number one

Monday 9th October
College 9.00 am
Thought I had missed the train but it was the 8.30 it was late (phew)
Boring Day
Bought ‘Mr Men’ writing set for 75p

Wrote to Corinna & Sam
Did Sociology Essay

‘What is Equality of Opportunity & is it likely to succeed in an elite ideology (groovy)
(& the answer is???? )

Phoned Sam
He’s writing off for jobs of various natures
My eldest brother is in London
My other brother is at the Tech Do
‘J’ phoned

Tuesday 10th October
College 9.00
Everyone is tired after the Tech Do
Drew £2.00 out of the bank
Sent off my film it cost £1.60
Posted Corinna’s & Sam’s card
Got home at 4.30
Caz M came to speak to me she seems ok now (????)
Ingrid phoned she wanted to know the title of the Sociology essay
Sam phoned
He has been writing to jobs of various natures (didn’t I just write that yesterday ????)

Wednesday 11th October
Handed in Sociology essay
Came home at 11.30
Sam phoned at 12.00
Went to the YMCA to play volleyball
Me & Fi went to the hospital for heat treatment
Letter off Sam
Fi phoned at 7.00
‘J’ came round & we went to the Snooty Fox & the Scarisbrick (the posh bit) (aka the posh bit of the ‘Brick)
Phoned Sam

Thursday 12th October
Got home form college at 6.30
Went to Fi’s at 7.30 her parent’s are away
Got a bit drunk
Chris came round for an hour or two
Fi in tears over him
Went to bed at 12.00 am
But only got about 2 hours sleep
Fi was sick
Had an ace time (huh??)

Friday 13th October
Really tired after last night
Sam met me at 11.00 am
Walked round town
Talked to ‘J’
Got home at 5.30
Sam came round at 7.00
Phoned Fi & we came into town
All three of us went to the ‘Brick & Rummies bar
Had our photos taken at the station
I look as though I have no teeth
Sam went to the ‘Brick from 11.00 – 2 am
Fi came to ours and her mum picked her up at 11.30
Good night

Saturday 14th October
Got up at 11.30
Washed my hair
My brother got a Datsun Cherry car £950 Olive Green; ‘L’ Reg; 40,000 miles = really nice (‘really nice'… it is a Datsun… it is Olive Green OMG …. Mind you it is one up on the Hilman Imp he had once I suppose but not as good as the Jags and Supras he had later. He bought a red XJS Jaguar which was once Sevi Ballesteros’s the reg plate was SEV and a number I can’t recall now something like SEV 6)

Sam came round at 1.30

Went to town
Bought my brother’s girlfriends 21st card & Tina some flea powder
Sam stayed for tea
‘J’ phoned
Me & Sam went to the Arion then walked round the village
Had a long chat think I got him worried about my feelings towards him
He left at 11.00


nursemyrs said...

I love lego.

(olivia was looking a bit chunky though)

70steen said...

The camera does put 10lbs on you ..... it just had me laughing when I stumbled across it ..... aren't some people so clever :-)

nursemyra said...

have you seen the wonderful youtube lego clip of darth vader? I think it's eddie izzard's voice

70steen said...

sooooooo clever