Tuesday, 13 November 2007

1978 ^ November ^ 2007

November 13th 1978

Business Studies & Sociology assessments
Sam goes to Stafford
Alarm clock didn't go off but I got to college in time (don't you just hate those types of 'wake up'?)
Still feel rotten
Sam met me at 12.00 & he left at 3.00
He got the 5.04 train from Liverpool
Bought a pair of red ankle boots from Russell & Bromley £13.99 they are supposed to be for Christmas (these are the ones I tried on. They were great. A bit like red Kickers in style. I wore them until they fell apart :-( )
Watched the 'Mackintosh man'
Finished sociology essay
Wrote to Sam

November 13th 2007

Got up at 6.50 (oops.... just kept hitting that snooze button)
Shower, hair wash, took pup out.
Got to work at 9.45
Sorted papers from yesterdays meeting.
Organised another meeting for a fortnights time
Worked through lunch
Meeting 13.30 - 15.00
Caught up on some HR stuff
Left at 16.30, home for 17.05
Left home at 18.00 to go to family business meeting in Southport
Grabbed a sandwich from the garage
Got to Southport at 19.45... traffic was hell

Home at 22.00...
Blogged and bed


nursemyra said...

I love red boots. they make me happy

70steen said...

Hi NM they do me too.... there are some gorgeous high heel one about just now ;-)