Sunday, 4 November 2007

1978 October week 43

Sunday 22nd October
Got up at 11.30
Mrs C (Fi’s mum, this was a time when parents of your mates were referred to as Mr & Mrs ……) gave me a lift home at 1.00
Met Sam in Formby at 3.00 pm
I missed my train so my brother gave me a lift
Walked round Formby
Then went to Mike’s for a coffee
Sam came for tea
Went to the Arion
Had a long talk about ‘us’
Sam reckons I will finish with him before Crimbo (stupid boy)
He left at 11.00

Monday 23rd October
Got a letter off Corinna & my photos from Truprint = quite good
Sam met me at 12.00
He phoned his mum then he had to go as his train left Lime Street at 1.20
Needless to say he was not in a very good mood
I was a bit upset and I had a bit of a cry
Got home at 5.00
Fi phoned
Phoned Sam everything = ok at home with him
I’m glad, wrote him a letter
Prepared Sociology essay for tomorrow morning

Tuesday 24th October
Nearly missed the train this morning it was early (I lived so close to the station that I would leave it ‘til the last minute …. similar to now really!!!)
Posted Sam’s letter at 12.00pm
Went to the ‘Soup Bowl’ for lunch
Got home at 3.30
Had a bath
Sam phoned at 6.30
Said his parents had been getting at him
German girl has come to stay at their house
Watched the final episode of ‘Roots’ (a fabulous series, in fact my teen watched it in school as part of her curriculum and said it was brilliant too)

Wednesday 25th October
Missed train but was just in time for Sociology
Did shopping for cookery tomorrow
Liver & Orange, Ginger cake, egg custard & stewed fruit
Sam phoned at 12.30
Did volleyball in recreation
Went to Presentation evening at school = ok
Phoned Sam
Mar went mad at me coz I am going to Stafford at 7.21 & it’s dark so I am going at 5.21 instead
Had to phone Sam back

Thursday 26th October
Went to college 11.00
Had my hair cut in the salon there for free = ok but all perm gone from my fringe (thank goodness that is all I can say about that!!)
Cookery = rushed as usual but everything turned out great
Fi phoned 2x
She is going to the El Tonel with this lad called Terry tomorrow (just as friends)
Sam phoned

Friday 27th October
Half term starts
Go to Stafford on the 5.21 train
Went to college in the morning came home at lunch time to get my luggage
Got the 4.15 train from Southport
Sam met me at Stafford Station at 6.30
Went to the Woolpack with Sam his sister and the German girl who is staying here
Watched ‘Ben’

Saturday 28th October
Got up at 10.30 ish
Sam cleaned kitchen floor (???)
Played with Afghan (cleaning the floor probably had something to do with the puppy!! lol)
Went to Lichfield in afternoon
Bought ‘J’ a box ‘nails’ (huh???)
Sam got shouted at by his dad about his attitude & future
Went to the Woolpack


nursemyra said...

I love ginger cake. can you drop by with some?

70steen said...

Yep no problem :-)

boat tart said...

I adore ginger cake too...the liver and orange sounds ok as well...The memories of my mothers over cooked liver and onions are long gone...

70steen said...

Thanks for dropping by .. I'll drop by with some ginger cake for you too ... not sure I could manage the liver & orange stuff though, unlike you I still have nightmares of the pipes in it ewwwwwwwwwwwww

boat tart said...

Ahh well my mum so overcooked it that there was only what can be described as a discarded shoe sole on the plate...the pipes long melted away...but we can leave the liver out if you like.....I do enjoy your site..I am sort of building ready soon...keep up the wonderful ride back in time.....

70steen said...

Thanx BT
oooo I look forward to you joining the madhouse it is fun :-)