Friday, 23 November 2007

1978 !! November !! 2007

November 23rd 1978
Got up at 10.00
Tidied and polished the living room
Went to college at 12.00
Made flaky pastry in cookery. (now what a phaff that was, I can safely say I have NEVER made it since, if the urge to make something involving such pastry has come over me (it has been rare) then it is straight to the supermarket to the chiller cabinet for ready made, even Delia has a 'cheat' recipe which she describes as 'doesn't involve the turning, rolling, resting and all the palaver that goes into the real thing'. )

Got home at 6.45
Watched T.V. all night
Wrapped Mum's present for my brothers girlfriend
Sam phoned
He was only on for about 3 minutes
Can't wait to see him tomorrow

November 23rd 2007
Over slept ... got up at 7.10 (darn that snooze button)
Train was late , got into work at 9.55
Transcribed business notes from this weeks meetings
Went looking for a snazzy Christmas outfit = failed
Bought a few stocking fillers for teen
Drew the short straw, I am not taking Teen's to McFly but I am picking them up
Did loads of research into parts of the Law I am involved in .... why oh why do they make it so complicated?
Beautiful day, sunny, cold and not a cloud in the sky.
Train home was late ... home at 19.15
Gorgeous Boy texted, he is out on the 'beer'
Text of 'J' she is arriving tomorrow at 12.15, can't wait to see her, not seen 'J' since Easter
Cleaned & hoovered upstairs, made up bed for 'J' and put washing in
Phoned Mum
Surfed a bit
Left at 21.45. Car frozen over. Minus 3 on the car thermometer, so sat for 20 mins whilst car defrosted
Picked up Teens from M.E.N. (wasn't the best idea to take the pup as she loves everyone & she got a bit squished with the 1000's flooding out, ended up carrying her)
Teen's said that McFly was the best concert they have ever been too... money well spent then!
Dropped my Teen and other teen's at one house
Got home at 23.10
Wine, B & B


nursemyra said...

oh my that's the pup? he's gorgeous

70steen said...

toilet rolls are her favourite... I am forever picking up bits of cardboard!!!

Daddy Papersurfer said...

That's one stupid looking dog!

I only say this to cause discontent amongst goddesses - it's my job!

70steen said...

does your comment warrant a comment???? Nah!! :-P