Friday, 2 November 2007

1978 October week 42

Sunday 15th October (10 months)

Phoned Sam at 12.00
He came round at 2.00
Made different things for tea (goodness knows what treats I had in store for him??)
Sam stayed for tea
My brother’s girlfriend came round and we all went for a drink in the Arion
Sam left at 11.00
He goes home tomorrow (boo hoo)

Monday 16th October
College 9.00
Sam met me at 1.00
Tried on a pair of ankle boots at Russell and Bromley they are £13.99 = very smart (although £13.99 doesn't seem like a lot now it was quite a bit for me to afford then and I think they must have been the cheapest boots in the shop ..... you can see by the web site how expensive they are today. I spotted the most beautiful pair of court shoes in the window of the Manchester branch last week... £125 ...... mustn't go passed there again because they were saying 'buy me!!')
Sam got the 5.05 (sorry!) train to Stafford
Couldn’t help crying when he left
Wrote him a letter & put a single white rose in it (awwww what a softy)
He phoned at 9.30
Phoned ‘J’
Did Nutrition … learnt loads for test tomorrow

Tuesday 17th October
Over slept
Got to college at 9.10
Went for heat treatment
Also went round town looking for a job
Got an interview with Debenhams said they will let me know this week
Phoned Sam
Took in a grey pair of cords he gave me
About 9.00 he phoned me back
Posted his letter

Wednesday 18th October
Shopped for cookery
Braising Steak = 96p/lb (I reckon that must have been expensive then??)
Sam rang at 12.00 noon
Went to recreation at 2.00 played volleyball & basketball
Sam phoned
He’s applied for a job as a computer operator, hope he gets it
Started essay on

‘Explain the links between education & social mobility ‘

Thursday 19th October
Got up at 9.30
Letter off Sam (hurray!!)
Got to college at 11.00
Went for the last time for heat treatment
In cookery made braising steak & roly-poly pudding = ok
Did essay on vinegar (gosh how very exciting I bet I could hardly contain myself!!)
Revised a bit for biology (I had decided to resit my Biology and Geography o’levels)
Sam phone I really miss him

Friday 20th October
Boringish day at college
Gave in essay about vinegar
Got home at 4.30pm
Had a bath & hair wash
Sam came round at 6.45
Stayed in until 9.00 then me, Sam, ‘J’ & my brother went to the Railway
Came back here for a coffee
Then my brother & Sam went to the ‘Brick 11.30 – 2.00am
Sam is in an awkward mood
He stayed the night

Saturday 21st October
Sam got woken at 11.00 up by a phone call from my brother’s girlfriend (he slept in the lounge)
He had rolled in at 3.45 am (tut tut)
Went to town, met Fi
Bought a bag with ABAG on it for £1.99
Went to see ‘J’ at work
Went to Fi’s at 6.00
We got drunk on 2 litres of cheap wine (£1.09 a bottle) (oh classy vintage I see ……)
Stayed at Fi’s
Sam & Mike went to the ‘Brick 11.00 – 2.00 am (dirty stop out )


nursemyra said...

my mum used to make the best roly poly pudding though she called it baked jam roll.

(not the same mother who sent me the bum for halloween - I had two mothers)

nursemyra said...

hey have you still got a copy of your essay on vinegar?

some gourmet vinegars cost big bucks these days. they're almost a fetish item!

70steen said...

oh 2 mums how lovely ... I take it that one mum wouldn't have approved of the gorgeous bottom???

Now NM I know I am a bit anal at times but I haven't got my vinegar essay!!!!

Or have I ????? Must look in the loft ........... ;-) now see what you have done lol

p.s. a fetish item ???? how does that work ??

nursemyra said...

well I didn't mean 'fetish' in the sexual sense but I guess coming from me that's what most readers would conclude :-)

70steen said...

Indeed Nm ;-)