Wednesday, 28 November 2007

1978** November ** 2007

November 28th 1978

Missed the 8.40 train
next one 9.05 got to Tech at 9.20 =ok
Sam met me at 3.00
Went Christmas shopping bought 'J' a pair of leg warmers (hey they are back in fashion as I have bought my Teen some)
Got home at 5.30
Sam came round at 6.30 & left at 11.00
Listened to my brothers records on eery sound = very funny (no idea what this was??)
Sam has decided what he is buying me for Christmas but won't tell me

November 28th 2007
What a wet morning, so dismal and grey
Struggled to get up coz it was so warm and comfy in bed
Did the usual routine
Got the 9.10 train which was on time for a change
In work for 9.45
Did some stuff and long discussions over frustrating work issues.
Went to a security meeting
At lunch nipped (well it was supposed to be a quick visit) to Waterstones to get Christmas presents for Fi et al who are off to Australia for a month over Christmas.
What a wonderland of books and ideas..... got lost in the wonder of 3 floors of magic
Had a preparation meeting for my 2 day trip down to the South Coast tomorrow
Called in Tesco in town on my way home. Spotted Bernie Nolan shopping there. (one of the Nolan Sisters) I hadn't realised just how petite she is. She must be practicing her panto bit at the Opera House I think she is the Fairy God Mother in Cinderella.

she is the main singer on here and doesn't look a year older
Caught the 17.45 which was 15 minutes late.

Gorgeous boy rang me whilst I was on the train. Lovely to hear from him except the woman opposite was also on the phone and SO loud. She was like someone of Trigger Happy TV (HELLO, YES I CAN YOU HEAR ME )... even GB said tell her to shut up & I can't hear what you are saying! Some people just have no consideration .............

Home at 18.45
Made tea
Washed up
Surfed whilst cooking
Phoned Mum
Got an e mail off Sam. He is resigning his job on Friday and setting up his own company. How exciting for him I am pleased. e mailed back to congratulate
B& B


Daddy Papersurfer said...

I'm extremely upset about the weather you are having ....... yer right!

nursemyra said...

I didn't realise you were still in touch with sam!

70steen said...

DP I am sure you are thinking of us Brits (not)over here having wind (no not our wind/gas) rain and cold spell ... but actually it ain't that cold ... unseasonably warm up Norrff.... it was cold and wet down Souff this morning though

70steen said...

NM yes Sam & I are good mates so many years later. We grew up together I guess and have a good friendship