Monday, 19 November 2007

1978 # November # 2007

November 19th 1978
Got up at 12.00 noon (oh what joy can't say I have slept til 12 in years lol)
Revised a bit
Watched 'Brigadoon'

(one of the best films ever and a great song, as a younger than teen I would watch Saturday films on the black and white TV, the musicals such as Carousel, 7 Brides, Oaklahoma and so on plus some weepy Lassie ones, where my brothers would tease me coz I cried.......couldn't find a clip of Gene Kelly on You Tube so this will have to do!)
Revised most of the rest of the day
Watched the 'Saint' (what a great series I was such an avid watcher then)
Washed my hair
Put a highlighter on = no difference
Sam phoned he had been to the RAC Rally
Revised some more and went to bed at 11.00

November 19th 2007
Teen had a nightmare during the night so ended up me, her and a puppy in bed.... slept dreadfully
Alarm went off at 6.00, got up at 7.00
same routine but very rushed
Drove to work, took 45 minutes
Thus commences the week of meetings
Went to meeting on HR stuff at 11.00 (soooooo mind numbingly boring)
Came back and dealt with 20 e mails (I was only away 2 hours), worked some more on power point presentation, researched some legal matters, god I wish they would speak plain English!!
(sneakily looked at some blogs too lol !!)
Home at 19.00 traffic was rubbish. M602 backed up all the way. Must get train tomorrow
Fuelled and surfed
Had tea
Picked up teen from mates house at 20.30
Phoned 'J' sorted out what train she is getting to come here on Saturday juggling around me dropping off Teen for Ice skating.
B&B (blogged and bed)


John C said...

The original Saint rocked! The one with Val Kilmer in the movie was ok for about 20 minutes...but it's not the same. Sheesh, we're old pharts.

nursemyra said...

hey I liked the original Saint too.

I'm not an old fart :-)

70steen said...

I wonder if it was the original Saint mentioned in this diary as the Return of the Saint with Ian Oglivy started in 1978????....... either way,although Roger the Dodger Moore doesn't do it for me, the original was the best. Not seen Val Kilmers version.

& hey I ain't an old phart either cheeky :-)

John C said...

"The Imprudent Professor" aired that day on ITV, during the two year run of The Return Of The Saint with Oglivy as Templar.

70steen said...

yeah!!! well done John, thank you ;-)