Wednesday, 21 November 2007

1978 ^ November ^ 2007

November 21st 1978
Biology resit am

Really difficult another 'U' to add to my list
Fi skived French
Got home at 3.30
Letter off Sam
Wrote back to him
Revised from 7.15 - 10.30 with short intervals
Bound to fail Geography again
Sam phoned - said he was in an office by himself and it is hard work with Maths & we all know about Sam's mathematical ability (ermm? ok what about mine??)
Tried to learn some Russian = good... (I do recall learning 'there is a cat' Vot Kot & there is a table and chair - vot stol e stule.. now that is a phonetic version as you may have already realised!! .... love languages and since school (I over came the dreaded abuse over French learning I had) I have had 6 months intensive Greek language training for my job ... and I find it fascinating how so many 'tongues' have developed over the years.... also I can even decipher text and MSN speak lol.. hey my gg grandfather was a Professor of Languages!

November 21st 2007
Got up at 6.45
Had the best nights sleep for a long time
Decided to drive to work as weather was so yuk! very grey and rainy

Got to work at 9.35. Traffic was great until I got to Town
Meeting at 10.30... very intense. Why oh why is Law so bloody complicated when it is so darned obvious??
Out for an hour at lunch
Back to a meeting at 14.30 - 17.00
All prepared for the 4 hour presentation tomorrow
Home at 19.00
Traffic was hell..... accident on my junction of the M6
Went to Supermarket in way home.. need 3 things.... spent £26 .. forgot to get one of the 3 things on list DOH!
Had tea, surfed and fuelled
Mum phoned
Phoned Fi
Put washing in machine (inc top for Teens visit to McFly concert on Friday)


nursemyra said...

3 things from the supermarket cost you how much?????

70steen said...

Best laid plans NM.... needed 3 things, got distracted and bought other things (hence the £26)and forgot one of the 3 things I had originally gone for.... definite blonde moment!!!

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Oh dear, it's grey and rainy = what a shame.

70steen said...

WB GOG = always a pleasure to see you here :-)

so are you having a pw senior moment???