Thursday, 15 November 2007

1978 $ November $ 2007

November 15th 1978 (11 months)
Paper I Geography O'Level - p.m. (resit)
Woke up at 9.30
Revised agriculture
Sam came round at 11.00
He stayed for dinner then went to Formby
Geog exam = ok (ish)
met Sam (accidentally) on the station
Went round town
He goes back to Stafford tonight
Got home at 5.15
Wrote and essay on flour & Vandalism & Deliquency (I reckon they were 2 different essays but they go quite well together lol)

Fi rang
My brother is off work with 'flu (obviously man flu)

November 15th 2007

The usual morning routine... shower, pup, Teen, breakfast etc
Decided to drive in ... car thick with ice... -1 degrees on temperature display
Hardly any traffic on roads, in for 9.35
Beautiful sunny, dry, crisp autumn day

Designing a powerpoint presentation most of the day (great fun it is like sticking & gluing all day)Had lunch with gorgeous boy & went for a coffee in afternoon with a colleague
Left work at 18.00 home for 18.30
Had chicken dippers for tea and vegged out watching 'Casualty' from Saturday
Phoned mum
Phoned Fi
Washed up
Clear sky again tonight it will be frosty again tomorrow


shle3pyb4by said...

hi! :)

you keep on saying that 'man flu' thingy... i am a bit behind now. what's that? *wondering & sniffing*

oh, lucky you to have the autumn blue sky... :) here, been raining all day, and it was awful. looks like Harry Potter set out scene... *sigh*

70steen said...

It is when a bloke gets a cold and he thinks he is on his last legs... 'man flu' is always worse than a girls cold

shle3pyb4by said...

hahahaa... i've read thru it! completely hillarious but definitely TRUE! ;)

and no, i don't suffer from man-flu! as you said before, that's much much worst! ;)

feeling better, i guess! *goodnite kisses*