Tuesday, 27 November 2007

1978 *> November <* 2007

November 27th 1978
College at 9.00
Got 60% for my essay on Vandalism & Delinquency (I wonder what I got for my essay on Flour?)
Didn't see Sam during the day today
Bought Mar part of her Christmas presy (wow I was far more organised then on the Christmas front)
Got home at 5.30
Talked to K on the train
Washed my hair
Sam came round at 6.20
Went to the railway at 7.45
Met Fi at 8.15
Went to school for the Chrimbo Fair but it had finished (doh! too much time spent in the pub me thinks?)
Went back to Fi's - got a taxt 51p (OMG the last taxi I got home cost me £20)
had a great laugh
Got the bus at 11.12 (sorry that is so precise) nearly missed it
Sam stayed at Mike's
November 27th 2007
The usual morning routine ...... gosh isn't being an adult boring at times lol
Decided to drive to work, had little fuel so stopped at garage on the way.
Got blocked in at a pump that wasn't working properly was there 15 minutes whilst they sorted it
Got to work at 9.50
Did on line course on Economics ahead of classroom event
Dealt with some urgent e mails
Meeting in the afternoon
Worked through lunch as I wanted to leave early as Manchester United where playing Sporting Lisbon in the Champions League so the traffic would be hell

Finally left at 16.45....... Got home at 18.15
I live 10 miles from the office. Managed to get into 3rd gear after an hour..... first 5 miles took 1 hour 20 minutes the last 5 miles 10 minutes (Bar humbug... definitely taking the train tomorrow)
Put tea on
Was forced to watch 'America's Next Top Model' by Teen.... what a load of rubbish!!
Rang Mum.
Blogged and did e mails. Got one off my 'seasoned blogger' , he's doing ok!


nursemyra said...

re your 'seasoned blogger'... how come he's so quiet these days?

70steen said...

NM he is a busy boy with work and life I guess plus he has no internet connection at home ... no doubt he will post about his adventures soon