Saturday, 17 November 2007

1978 ^ November ^ 2007

November 17th 1978
College at 9.00
Sociology cancelled
Came home at 4.30
Sam phoned at 4.45
We argued. He is in a nark as I am going out tonight (ooooo!!)
I phoned him from Hillside station, then he phoned me at Fi's (checking up on me hey??)
I phoned him at 12.00 am, he seemed in a better mood, thank god
Fi's brother had a kind of party
Went to bed at 3.30 had a great time

November 17th 2007
Got up at 9.00 (wow brilliant!!)
Have a bit of a hangover, the Wolfblass went down too well last night
Fuelled , commented and surfed
Teen got up at 10.00
She went into town at 12.00 as she has to have some new gear for McFly's concert next Friday at M.E.N arena

Took pup for a walk and nipped in the petshop where she was given loads of treats by the lady (one happy pup)
Cleaned house for the rest of the day (what a way to spend a Saturday :-( )
Teen home at 17.00
She bought a tutu, angel wings, UV eye shadow and a whistle (OMG what is she going to look like ??)
Went to Tesco spent £70 on groceries (how did that happen? .... I broke the golden rule 'never grocery shop when you are hungry!')
Cooked tea
Teen was going to a sleep over but changed her mind, I have ended up with a house full of teenies sleeping over and if I hear McFly one more time I will scream!! HELP!!!

It is pouring down
Watched Casualty & blogged


nursemyra said...

tutu and angel wings?

she's gonna look gorgeous

shle3pyb4by said...

agreed! will definitely look awesome! ;)

sylvie d said...

you are lucky we have to listen to High School Musical

70steen said...

NM & Baby I know you are right..... think of me next Friday 2 teens getting ready and will have to look like perfection itself!!! Will take a few photos so will pop them up somewhere, probably Flickr

70steen said...

Sylvie 12 months ago that was my nightmare....... everywhere we went that b****y CD had to come with me, I know all the words to all of the songs!! You have my deepest sympathy

Did you know they are doing HSM on ICE!!!!!! :-)

sylvie d said...

no?!!!! you have not passed on the info...I am not listening!

70steen said...

hee hee :-)