Tuesday, 6 November 2007

1978 November 2007

As I have caught up in months to this one I thought it would be interesting (to whom? Who knows? & will it work? Who knows?) to keep a diary during November and see how it compares to 29 years ago. There will be some personal stuff omitted as it would not be fair on those involved plus I would blush lol
So here goes. This is going to be a long page as I want to get up today …….. 1st – 6th November

November 1st 1978
Got up at 11.30
Washed my hair
Went to Stafford on the 1.00 bus
Me, Sam & his sister went to see ‘Grease’ =8/10
Not as good as ‘Saturday Night Fever’ though
Got back at 5.30
Went to the Woolpack
Watched T.V. ‘til about 12.30

November 1st 2007
Got up at 6.30, alarm had been going off ½ hour
Feel crap – got a cold, headache and sore throat
Had a shower & washed my hair
Woke Teen at 7.00
Dried hair & put on my makeup
Woke Teen again at 7.20
Checked e mails and fuelled on FMB

Drove to work 9.00 – 9.35
Meeting 10.00 – 15.30
Feel rubbish left at 16.30
Went to Tesco en route
Home at 17.45
Smashed bottle of wine taking bags out of car (so much for Eco carrier bags and why is it never the plastic pop bottle that falls out- bugger)
Cooked tea – chicken korma, basmati rice and peshwari naan
Phoned Mum
Blogged & answered e mails
Bed 23.30

November 2nd 1978
Got woken up with a wet sponge (alias Sam)
Went to the Post Office
Got the 3.30 train home … hated leaving
Fi came round at 8.00
Sam phoned he had been watching the Ladies Darts at the Woolpack
Fi left at 11.00

November 2nd 2007
Alarm went off at 6.00
Someone in the night has poured molten lava down my throat
Snoozed ‘til 6.50
Woke Teen
I am not going to work I feel too icky
Phoned boss
Put washing in the machine and went back to bed
Got up & surfed
Booked train tickets to London for Saturday £59
Booked pup into kennels (awww!)
Teen home from school 15.00 Teen
out 16.00
Took pup for a walk on the field
Phoned Mum
Phoned my niece
Picked up Teen 20.45
Bed 23.30

November 3rd 1978
Got up at 11.30
Phoned Fi
Went to town looking for a job
Got a job back in the shoe shop – 11.00 – 5.00 67p/hour
When I got home Debenhams phoned up & said I had got a job there, so I turned it down
Phoned Sam, he was a bit grumpy coz I am going to Tony R’s party tomorrow
Wrote letters to Sam & Corinna

November 3rd 2007
Woke up at 7.20
Still feel crap
Put washing away
Hoovered downstairs
Picked up niece and her kids from the station (niece I used to get 50p for babysitting in 1973… quiet scary)
Went to the Lowry for a spot of shopping and culture
Bought a white shirt from Designer Rooms for a fiver (bargain)
Came home an made 2 big lasagne’s for tonight
At 16.45 we left to go to Mum’s for a family Bonfire Party
There were 16 of us = great fun
Cadged 2 bottles of wine of brother (he has just come back from France)
Home at 11.30
Sent kids to bed
Sat up chatting with niece ‘til 4.45 am

November 4th 1978
Got up at 9.30
Went to work at 11.00.
So much to learn as they have changed everything since I was last there but it was ok
Phoned ‘J’ she goes to Cholomendy on Monday
Sam phoned at 7.00
Fi came round & we went to Tony R’s party = ok
Miss Sam though
Got home at 1.45 am slightly worse for wear
Fi stayed over
Summer Nights still number one

November 4th 2007
Got up at 10.00
Showered & cooked breakfast
Went to Tesco
Visited boarding kennels to get the low down for Friday
Cooked dinner (chicken dippers… hee hee)
Took niece & kids home, visited my nephew and family
Home at 18.30
Had left over lasagne for tea
Watched last nights Casualty & Vicar of Dibley
Fuelled and blogged
Bed 23.30
(had to look this up ... number one Leona Lewis - Bleeding Love. Isn't she the X factor lass??)

November 5th 1978
Bonfire Night

Fi woke me at 9.10 (ug)
Got dressed about 11.30
My brother took Fi home at 1.00
Watched TV
Made a trifle
Did some revision this afternoon
Stayed in all night and revised Geography
Washed my hair & had a bath
Sam didn’t ring

November 5th 2007
Alarm went off at 6.00, crawled out of bed at 6.45
Same routine of rousing Teen- had to resort to sending in the pup
Shower & hair wash
Got 9.10 train strolled in work at 9.50
Very busy day – still feel like crap
Weather = rainy and icy cold
Left work at 17.45 train was late got home at 19.10
Set up Fuel Friends on FMB
Downloaded photos from Saturday & sent them to family
Phoned Mum
Picked up Teen from mates house
Phoned ‘J’ at 21.10
She had just got in from a Bonfire Party = a bit skwiffy
Teens wireless internet is not working = stressville
Teen = early night
Bed 00.30

November 6th 1978
Back to college
Hospital 2.45
Missed the 8.35 train
Went to hospital – she said my jaw was much better and to go back in a month
Did ½ Sociology essay
‘ The extended family is still with us. Discuss’ (after the family do on 3rd 2007 I reckon it is, we had 4 generations there!!)
Sam phoned at 9.30

November 6th 2007
Daddy Papersurfer’s birthday
Got up at 7.00
I am so tired – note to self early night tonight
Teen has sore throat – wrote note to teacher for her to be excused games
Took pup out
Shower & hair wash
Caught 9.10 train (well 9.30 as it was late)
Strolled into work at 10.00
Still feel crap
Meeting at 11.00 (yawn)
Very busy day again but have met all deadlines set
Home at 19.00
Got a migraine – feel so rough
Mate called for a coffee at 19.30, she left at 20.45 and took Teen’s mate home for me
Phoned ‘J’ but she was out
Blogged and answered e mails
Bed …… planned before 23.00!!!!!


Shinade said...

Wow....simply incredible!! I have never had the courage to keep a diary...LOL!!! I am afraid it would come back to haunt me:-)

70steen said...

HI Shinade
It may well come and bite me in the butt at some time but hey ;-)

Thanks for dropping by

nursemyra said...

DaddyP's birthday?

crikey - first I knew about it. I'd better scuttle on over there

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Happy birthday to me!!!!!!!!!