Sunday, 11 November 2007

1978 ~ November ~2007

November 10th 1978
‘J’ comes home from Colamendy (just can’t spell that place !!)
Got 7/10 for essay on vinegar (lol)
Met Sam at the station at 4.30.
He stayed for tea
Went to the laundrette & the Railway

Went into town at 8.00
Met Fi & her boyfriend, we went to Rummies bar
Talked a lot to Sam and I have got the impression we are drifting apart.
I still love him but I can see the strain of a weekend affair.
I can’t go there cos of work & I can’t expect him to keep coming here (oh dear !!)

November 10th 2007
Got up at 5.00am
Showered and washed hair.
Fed the cats – left them loads of food

Need Earl Grey
Left at 6.00 to get 6.40 am train to London.
Bought a cappuchino and 2 cookies &
Harpers Bazaar to read on train
Read up on stuff for work that I didn’t get done yesterday
Read Harpers .. oh how I wish I was rich!
Need more coffee

Listened to the radio on Virgin pendolino train.
Laughed out loud as there was this excellent DJ, don’t know what the radio station was as there were no adverts just this chap and his records
(couldn’t make out if he had an Asian or South American accent!). He played loads of disco and he was singing along. He was so happy & soooo funny. What cracked me up was (now imagine this in a very weird accent)

‘ Now my friends this is a lovely song all about monogamy and love’ then he played

Don't ever let me get an MP3 player.... I was so immersed in the music I know I was boogying and I so wanted to sing -a-long too!!!

Met my cousin who is over from Australia, under the clock at Waterloo Station at 10.30.
Went for a Starbucks.
It is a beautiful warm day
Got train to Wimbledon and then a taxi
(£20) eek to Mitcham Road Cemetery, Croydon.
(Now you either love this hobby or hate it but my cuz and I are doing the family tree, that is how we met searching for the same family- her great grandmother and my grandfather were siblings)
We went to the cemetery to find the grave of a great Aunt who was born in Fran
ce C1840 but settled in London.
Found the grave…… it was marked with a bamboo cane
Walked miles to visit the house were she lived then walked miles again to get a train (via Clapham Junction) to the National Archives in Kew.
No trains from Clapham only a bus service…. Had one hour in the National Archives before it closed

No trains from Kew as vandals had nicked some cables (huh??)
So taxi to Hammersmith to drop of cuz and onwards to Euston (£22… not bad but I think however he wasn’t a real taxi!!)
Just made train.
Horrible journey home due to the people that sat by me
Home at 23.30… blogged and posted
….. bed at 1.00 am

November 11th 1978

Worked 11.00 – 5.00
£7.20 wages. There are so many lovely shoes, I will have to save up
click image to see more shoes
Went to see Fi at lunchtime
Sam met me at 5.00
Went to the railway in Formby got the bus there with my brother
Got 11.15 train home
Sam and my brother are off to the Scarisbrick then he is staying here
I have got earache and can’t shake off this cold
Fi rang

November 11th 2007
Woke up at 7.00 (what is that about???)
Had breakfast and then a long soak in the bath....bliss
Went to collect pup from the kennels.

She was so excited but smells
Watched some of the Remembrance Service on TV
Teen home from her dads
Bathed pup. (awww she is all fluffy now)
Pup has slept all day
Cleaned conservatory and kitchen.
Made tea
Watched some TV… channel hopped… with pup on my knee…. I am so tired
Blogged and answered e mails
Downloaded photos from yesterday
Watched My Boy Jack = very good
Bed now I think!!!


nursemyra said...

I haven't done the family tree thing but I totally get the appeal.

maybe one of my yet to be met relatives can start the ball rolling and track ME down :-)

70steen said...

any advice needed NM I would be only to happy to help ... have become a bit of an expert in rooting around trees lol...... glad return the favour after all the advice I get from Gimcrack :-)

shle3pyb4by said...

i just like shoes..... weeee!!!

*twirl in a shoe shop* ;)