Friday, 16 November 2007

1978 + November + 2007

November 16th 1978

Hospital 2.00pm
Got up at 9.00
Washed my hair
Went to college at 11.30
Went to hospital at 2.00
I don't have to go back unless I get pain in my spine (needless to say I have been back a fair few times since 1978!!)
Made disasterous Lemon Merignue pie & croquette potatoes
Fi = resitting her Physics O'level
Sam phoned he is not coming up this weekend
He has an interview on Monday for a trainee Quantity Surveyor
Hope he gets it
Miss Argentina won Miss World 1978

November 16th 2007
Got up at 6.45.... what a struggle this morning
The usual routine
Left at 9.00 got to work at 9.30 ........ where was all the traffic??
Did some HR stuff
Cake sale in work for 'Children in Need'
Went for a 'Thank God it is Friday' swift half & some cheesey chips at lunch
The afternoon flew by
Left at 18.00 home at 18.30
Sorted washing out
Rang Mum
Picked up Teen from mates house at 21.00
Opened bottle of red label Wolfblass Chardonnay
The weekend is here YIPEEEEE!!
P.S I've done mine ......... where are yours ?????


sylvie d said...

that's a nice picture!

70steen said...

yes Miss World was lovely n'est pas?

nursemyra said...

love your t-shirt

shle3pyb4by said...

it is Friday indeed!!! Yayyyy!!! *huming and dancing happily*

DaddyP said...

Why's that cat laughing at your chestal area?

'Children in Need' was rubbish last night - actually turned it off - the Tudors wasn't much better.

Thanks for the votes - I'm doing my best ......... honest guv!

70steen said...

DP he is Felix he always laughs !!
Didn't watch much of it myself, even Teen fell asleep whilst it was on.

You are welcome on the votes front ... are you fully up and connected (yes I know not mentally) online wise?...... and that is a bad 'cough' you have there !!