Sunday, 25 November 2007

1978 << November >> 2007

November 24th 1978

Got B1 for Business Studies
Ordered red roses & pink carnations for brother's girlfriend for my brother they cost £5.00
(I wonder what that is in real terms now, what about 30 quid maybe??)
Got home at 4.30
Washed my hair & had a bath
Sam came round at 7.30
I am really glad to see him
Went to brother's girlfriends 21st party
It was very good, booze = cheap
Me, Sam and my other brother and his girlfriend = a bit drunk
Danced a lot
Got home at 2.00 am ish. Sorry about the writing hic!
November 25th 1978
Worked 11.00 - 5.00
£4.00 wages
Weather = freezing, hailstones and the lot
Sam met me from work at 5.00
He went to the Railway until 6.00
Went to Ainsdale Cricket Club disco = 60p to get in
Was there 8.30 - 12.00 = ok (those were the days when I could party 2 nights on the trot and still feel ok!!!!)
2 of my teachers from school were there
Came home, got really soaked and freezing cold.
Watched an old film 'I believe in you' 1952
Sam stayed

I do love him

November 24th 2007
Got up at 8.00
Took pup out, it is bitterly cold and lashing it down
Cleaned downstairs

Picked up teen at 10.00 from her mates house, more tales of McFly (she certainly had a great time, there is nothing better than live gigs!)
Went to pick up 'J' from Piccadilly Station at 12.15.
It is so great to see her
Dropped Teen off at her mates to go ice skating
Came home, had a cup of tea, some toast and a gab then we went off to the Lowry Centre

Did some shopping, then did some culture, a tour round the art galleries
Stopped for a cappuchino and some orange and Mascarpone cake =gorgeous
Came home via the supermarket, bought an Indian takeaway and some wine
Ate, drank and were very merry
Bed at 1.30 am
November 25th 2007

Got up at 9.00
God my head hurts
Made some pikelets for breakfast (when I say 'made' I opened the packet and put them under the grill!)
Took the pup out on the field. It was very muddy but dry and fresh today
Lots and lots of Earl Grey later, picked up teen from mates house and took 'J' back to Piccadilly Station for her train home.
Came home via Mcdonald's (great hangover food)
Teen was home for 1 hour then went to the Trafford centre with her mate to do some christmas shopping
Caught up on the washing and generally vegged out this afternoon
Made lasagne for tea, picked Teen and her mate from bus stop
E mail off 'J' she got home ok albeit her train was late
Phoned Mum
So tired ... early night for me


nursemyra said...

orange and marscapone cake sounds REALLY yummy

70steen said...

I can tell you it was scrummy as anything .... must see if I can make it (but I am rubbish at baking!!)