Wednesday, 14 November 2007

1978 # November # 2007

November 14th 1978
Wore my new boots to college (so much for keeping them 'til Christmas!!)
Had a debate in Business studies
Tried on foundation, perfume & eyeshadow at Boots (glad to see things don't change that is what my Teen does now... great fun)
Got the 3.15 train home and watched 'The Sullivan's' (this was one of my 'had to follow' programmes about a family in Australia... very pre 'Neighbours' )
Revised for 3 hours
Sam phoned
I said he couldn't come round but changed my mind
he came round at 9.30
I went to the doctors today about my ear, got 2 bottles of pills = dead sleepy
Argued with Sam, everything =ok now

November 14th 2007
Up at 6.30
The usual shower, hair wash and out with pup
Water suddenly went off ??
Put washing in machine
Missed early train and next train 15 minutes late
In work for 9.45
Busy morning planning and going forth with delivery
Business lunch in pub (so civilised)
New Agency announced, I am seriously considering a career change to join them in next 12/18 months (must get CV up to date and keep a watchful eye for posts)
Phone call on train home from my gorgeous boy who pointed out that the moon was orange tonight
It was fabulous
Home at 19.00
Mum's taxi at 20.45 to pick up Teen from mates house
Fi phoned she is coming over on Sunday
Phoned 'J' on phone for 2 hours
Had such a laugh (30 odd years nothing changes there) Confirmed why we called 'onion bum' onion bum..... it was 'J's' Mum's nickname for him as he had a very rounded ass in tight trousers
'J' is coming up on the 23rd
Numpty award given to me! Took washing out of machine...... it is not washed! Oh Doh the water went off this morning so machine did cycle with no water!!!!
Surfed & bed


nursemyra said...

The sullivans? oh my that is going back in the past

DaddyP said...

Were you wearing sunglasses when the moon was orange? Just a thought.

Oooo ..... I left a comment .... probably.

70steen said...

definitely a blast from the past NM .... a bit like dear DP.

So glad you bothered DP :-)