Friday, 9 November 2007

1978 ^ November ^ 2007

November 9th 1978 (47 weeks)

It's a year today since I first met Sam (at the Black 'n' White do)
Mam woke me at 7.30
I don't have to be in college til 12.00
Made filleted plaice & glazed French Apple pie in cookery this afternoon
Got home at 6.45 pm
Made 3 loaves of bread
Phoned Sam
He's meeting me at 4.00 tomorrow (well he is supposed to be)
Fi phoned

November 9th 2007

Got up at 7.10 - a bit of a lie in as I am working at home today Yippeeeee might try a *twirl* ouch Woke Teen - what a grouch
Showered and washed my hair

Why doesn't it look like it did when the hairdresser did it doh!

Got pups blanket, food, toys and chews together

Took her for a long walk on the field then it was 'that' walk to the kennels

It's her first time in eeeek!
She was really excited until she came face to face with a Rotty (don't know who was more scared!!)
Couldn't look at her little sad face as I walked away :-(
Started doing work

I read & read & read until my eyes ached... I do wish legal stuff was written in plain English
Had a break and decide to clean upstairs
Horror upon horror - Teen's room was such a tip
(worse than I thought once I started moving things)

I can hear me being my Mum - 'it's a bloody disgrace!!'
So 1 1/2 hours later sparkly clean room
Back to reading & work planning

Cooked tea and took Teen to her father's

Very, very quiet house... no Teen and no pup :-(

Poured a glass of wine (it is Friday) and blogged
Early to bed tonight ... up at 5.00 am to get the 6.41 (hee hee) train to London


nursemyra said...

do you still make apple pie and fresh bread?

if so I'm coming over.....

70steen said...

Of course I do .. come on over :-)

shle3pyb4by said...

you're off to london? that seems nice! have a good trip! yohoooo! *no twirl today. sprained my ankle. too cold*

70steen said...

oh poor you Baby.
Hope you ankle is better soon.
Had heaps of laughs in London :-)

shle3pyb4by said...

hi there... ;)

i'm recovering the pain from the ankle now... *err... i thought something is wrong from the phrase now, but...err... whatever*

glad that you had fun in London. i have had a very quiet weekends this week. too cold to do anything. :( oh, and have flu, fever and sore throat! that makes the full-package of winter disease! *giggles*

good nite, and let's twirl before we off to bed! yayyy!