Wednesday, 7 November 2007

1978 ~November ~ 2007

November 7th 1978

College at 9.00
Got 7/10 & 8/10 for Sociology essays
Came home at 3.30
Hoovered the living room
Started Sociology again
Phoned Sam then he phoned back later
His dad has got a new job
Sam got an application form for Lotus shoes
Fi came round at 9.15
She talked and talked and talked about her new boyfriend
She left at 11.00
I think I am getting the 'flu (must be the time of year)

November 7th 2007
Got up at 6.00, don't feel as bad today ... bad cough etc
Showered and hair washed
Teen moaning coz I got her up at 6.50. She has got a sore throat (oh no!!)
Out the house for 7.55 arrived in work 8.35 not bad in rush hour traffic
Some sarcy remarks about 'couldn't you sleep' ... bit tongue knowing I am in the office way after they go home
Busy old day again ...
Left at 2.30
Teen, Teen's mate and I had our hair done at 3.00.
Love the cut and the hilights. Teen said I look 10 years younger (result lol)
Train tickets have come for London
Went to do weekly shop in Tesco ... it was so quiet (another result)
Cooked tea (well put some holes in the lids and put them in the oven .... hey it was 19.30 by now)
Watched Trinny & Susannah 'Undress the Nation' about womens bra sizes being wrong... Teensaid I look like Susannah. (must be the new hair do!!)
Phoned Mum
Washed up, hoovered, put washing in the machine and I am looking at a 23.00 bed I think!!!


Mystic Veg said...

I came across this today, right up your street (or ginnel!)

70steen said...

Oh MV that is so brilliant, I have been laughing into my cuppa. Love it all but particularly the one piece terry towelling jumpsuit for men oh and the checked blazer that
A big Thank you ..... just need to pop over there and leave a message :-)

nursemyra said...

hey the DON at work told me I looked a little like Trinny the other day!

we should get together and have our own tv show :-)

70steen said...

Can you imagine? It would be such a laugh ......... but definitely after the watershed ;-)