Monday, 26 November 2007

1978 ~ November ~ 2007

November 26th 1978
Got up at 11.30.
Woke Sam up
He left at 12.40
Had a bath & washed my hair
Went to Waterloo at 2.30
Sam bought a 'zone ticket' for £4.70 (why oh why would I want to put that in a diary??)
Stayed in all afternoon, had a great time (eeeek!!! I suppose it has been a while!!)
Went into Southport at 8.00
Went to the 'Brick & Rummies
Weather = very cold & icy - winter is here again (erm doh it IS winter, it's not going to go away and come back in a matter of days!!)
Sam is in a fantastic mood (I bet he was!!)

November 26th 2007
Got up at 6.00. What a struggle this morning to not hit the snooze button more than once.
Shower & hair wash.
No time to take pup out, throwing ball up the garden only this morning
Got teen up, fed her then out the door
I had a meeting arranged at 9.00.
Opened e mails and found out meeting was cancelled (Doh!!)
Got stuck into a report ... in fact had a very productive day
Got home at 18.30. walked the pup. What a wet, damp evening.
Had left over lasagne for tea
Couldn't put it off any longer had to do Mount Everest ironing pile, watched Coronation Street (not seen it in ages, but still know what is going on ... oo Maria is pregnant!!)
Picked up Teen at 20.30
Did a bit more ironing whilst watching 'I'm a celebrity..get me out of here' (what is that about???)
'J' phoned, had a good old girly chat putting a few wrongs to right


nursemyra said...

why don't you only buy non-iron clothes from now on :-)

sylvie d said...

we are so good at mountain climbing aren't we?
I mentionned your blog to my auntie this week-end I think you have given her an idea!

shle3pyb4by said...

i have non-iron clothes... ;)
in fact i think, most of it!! hahahahahaha.... silly me!

70steen said...

good idea on the non iron clothes.... what a great excuse for a new set of clothes (not that I generally need an excuse) ... my biggest nightmare is my IKEA bedding. It comes out the washer like a rag but after copious ironing looks fab

Mountain climbing RUs Sylvie indeed... ironing is always last on my list hence it grows & grows

So what is your aunts idea you have me intrigued ????

sylvie d said...

oh something to do with diaries...

70steen said...

Oh you must let me know when she gets going ..... but will they be in French? After my school reports I haven't got a hope!!! :-)

sylvie d said...

Affraid so, mind you she has been learning english recently!