Thursday, 22 November 2007

1978 {{{ November }}} 2007

November 22nd 1978
Geography II resit
Entered myself for the wrong Syllabus- entered syllabus B instaed of A.
They may not accept my exam... it explains why it was quite diffiult (gosh you numpty young 70s!!)
'J' came round for 1/2 hour
Fi came round & she cut out a pattern for a blouse
Bought a necklace from the sweetshop with a peace symbol on it (from the sweetshop??)

Sam phoned he says he likes his job
I got a bit fed up alter on thinking what is the future for me & Sam
Weekend - weekend relationship basis but I still love him
I am ok now though

November 22nd 2007
Rush morning wanted to get out for 8.30 train but missed it so came home picked up car and drove in
Traffic wasn't too bad. Got to work at 9.20.
Meeting 11.00 - 16.00 it was a sucess so all my planning was worth it
I am exhausted though, full on concentration.......
Back to the office
Read though some Legal stuff .... must revisit it tomorrow not much went in this afternoon
Got home at 19.00.
Teen is at the Trafford Centre getting her mates birthday present

She rang to say she can't find anything as is going to the pictures instead (doh!!)
Took pup for a quick walk .. my it is cold
21.15 Took pup out again to meet Teen off bus, close encounter with a large, gorgeous looking but not too friendly Old English Sheepdog!!
Panic rush around getting all her stuff together for McFly tomorrow... now where are the tickets???


nursemyra said...

have you posted a pic of the pup? I don't recall seeing one

Daddy Papersurfer said...

'My' what is a bit cold?

70steen said...

NM no I haven't I may add one tonight

70steen said...

tsk DP!!!