Tuesday, 20 November 2007

1978 / November /2007

November 20th 1978
Got 74% for Business Stuidies assessment (wow that was good seeing as how I hated it)
Bought brothers girlfriend's a teddy £9.95 = gorgeous. She is 21 on Friday
Bought Sam's crimbo card (my god woman it is only November)
Got home at 5.30
revised (or tried to revise) Biology but couldn't concentrate.
Phoned Sam
He's got a job (yippeee) (& about time too!!)
I cannot say how pleased I am for him
It's for a trainee surveyor on a 6 months 'Government Youth Employment' or something
(I too did one of these a couple of years later 'Youth Opportunity Scheme' (YOpS). I had the choice of working in a Bank or in a fashion boutique. being a Teen you can guess which I chose! Gathered banking would be boring. So I worked 6 days a week for £36 for a bloke who was into sexual harrassment. Strangely enough I got sacked when I told him to Foxtrot Oscar....& Sam wanted to belt 7 bells out of him ....... but that is another story!!)

November 20th 2007
Got up at 6.00
Shower, hair, makeup , pup, teen, breakfast routine
before I left for work chap came to measure up and do the final sign on the dotted line for a porch on the front of my house.
Should be getting done in the next 4 weeks...... can't see me getting my hall & new porch plastered and wooden flooring down by Christmas though.
Got to work at 9.50, the train was late again.
Meeting all morning til 13.30. Think I ruffled a few feathers ... oh well!!
Got my lunch at 14.30.
Home at 18.15
Cooked tea 'bangers and mash' :-)

Washed up, phoned Mum
Darn it, we are out of cat food. Out to the garage to buy some
It is raining very cold sleety rain
B & B

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nursemyra said...

"Foxtrot Oscar" hahaha