Monday, 5 November 2007

1978 October week 44

Sunday 29th October
Got up at 9.30
Sam’s sister and the German girl went swimming
Went to Cannock Chase to see some boats on the canal
Played Scrabble
Went to the Woolpack
Came home and watched a film until 1.00 am

Monday 30th October
Got up at 9.00
Went to Stone
Sam went to the job center
Came back for dinner
Played ‘Speculate’ all afternoon
Went to the Woolpack

Tuesday 31st October
Went to Stafford
Sam signed on
Bought 2 Birthday cards & 2 pairs of stockings
Got back for lunch
Took Afghan for a walk to the Post Office
Went to the Woolpack
Locked everyone out of the house (ooops)
Watched ‘The Lovers’
Sam is in a very strange mood (maybe coz it was Halloween??)

I am stopping here at the end of October…. November is having some different treatment


nursemyra said...

I thought The Lovers was a good film. what did you think of it?

70steen said...

Hi NM until I looked it up on the net I could not remember the film at all. Even now I only have a vague recollection...... I guess it's another to put on the must see list :-)