Monday, 12 November 2007

1978 *November * 2007

November 12th 1978

Got up and woke Sam at 11.00am
He left at 12.45
'J' rang said she had a great time in Colamendy
Went to Waterloo this afternoon. (hey I was at the other Waterloo on the 10th 2007)
Stayed for tea
Went to Southport at 8.00pm
Went to the 'Brick and Rummies bar
Saw Fi & her boyfriend
Saw Leah's boyfriend on the station
Sam was not happy coz he fancies me (what a joke) (lol)
The Golden Inn was burnt inside, 3 fire engines & a salvage truck was there (result no more waiting on for me if I returned to the cafe next year... no it wasn't me who did it btw!!)

November 12th 2007

Alarm went off at 6.00, hit snooze button til 6.40 (why does that happen on a work day I could stay in bed soooo much longer yet at the weekend I am up & awake early? The optimistic part of me says I want to make the most of my weekends!! )
Shower & hair wash (hair looks good this morning)
Woke Teen (fairly not grumpy she even laughed at pup jumping on her head)
Took pup out for a walk
Made breakfast
Did a couple of fuel visits
Left at 8.10 in work for 9.15
Traffic was hell
Nearly got wiped off the road by a taxi with 2 ASBO's (yes they had their hoods up) in the back
The minute taker for my meeting off sick! Bugger !!
Managed to find a sub
Meeting 11.00 - 15.00
Back to office.
Dealt with 30 emails (6 of which were telling me my mail box was over it's limits... if they didn't send them then it wouldn't be!!) and left at 16.30
Home at 17. 15
Brother was at my house to fix Teen's wireless connection (RESULT!!!)
I have been briefed how to do it myself (like I understood any of it??)
Text off 'J' she is feeling much better and we will chat on Wednesday

Surfed & posted, visited Daddy P, Mr Woppit & Papersurfer, (seems he is having internet problems), Sylvie & NM.... must go and fuel and visit some more blogs.


shle3pyb4by said...

la laa la laa la la laa... *humming and quietly singing*

such a trip! :)

70steen said...

so you twirled around the blogs? lol

shle3pyb4by said...

*giggling too much tonite*

yup!!! and it defnitely make my day! ;)

thanks to you!! my favourite-twirler-advisor! *smile, BIG, BIG smile to 70steen to show appreciation!*

70steen said...

thank you.
Nite and stay safe :-)

nursemyra said...

brick and rummies? what a great name for a bar

Shinade said...

Wow simply incredible that you are able to keep up like this. This will be a treasure to you in your old age!! Is Dp back? I must go visit!!

shle3pyb4by said...

*sneeze, sneeze...*

i dont like this... :( i couldnt even do anything. i cant eat as i couldnt taste any... i cant blog, as i always sniffing my flu in... i hate it! :(

*looking pale and no energy to twirl at all*