Thursday, 8 November 2007

1978 * November * 2007

November 8th 1978
Hand in Sociology essay
Saw Tony R and his girlfriend on the train this morning

They were asking all about
Fi and her new boyfriend
Saw the new boyfriend in the
refractory and he said he does want to go out with Fi
Met Fi at 11.00 told her the good news
Bought my stuff for cookery tomorrow
Came home at 12.00
Went to games at 2.00

Saw 2 new trains (yip)
(yip???? sad more like!!)
Revised Geography & Business Studies

Sam phoned he was on for 25 minutes

Love him dearly

Fi rang 2x
Still got 'flu

November 8th 2007
Got up at 6.30

Showered. Didn't need to wash hair as new hairdo remarkably stayed in place (not the case by the time I got to work though!!)
Still got a cold but it is getting better

Teen feels a bit better
(only because if she stays off she will not be allowed to go to her mates after school!)

Missed 8.45 train - 9.10 came on time for a change
Not a bad day in work.
Papersurfers blog (and a few others at lunch) laughed out loud in a very quiet office reading Nurse Myras comment... got some very strange looks.
Saw an ace pair of shoes in Office £195 reduced to £80.... but really couldn't justify the expense :-(

Christmas lights switched on in Manchester tonight, the traffic was hell... so glad I was on the train until the 6.15 was very late and the sleet started .... it was soooooo cold
Came home
Fuelled, Blogged & emailed (got a mention on
Fracas's buttless blog ... rowdy indeed??)
Picked up Teen at 20.45

Kicked off my computer as Teen's wireless is still not working and she MUST go on MSN to talk to mates she has been with all day !! (job for Sunday me thinks.... well actually my brother as I am rubbish!)

'J' texted she has a violent sickness and poopey bug, poor lass.
Spoke to Mum

Camera batteries on charge for trip to London


nursemyra said...

well with the number of phone calls you made/received in your teen years I'd say it's a case of like mother like daughter

of course she needs to msn friends she's been with all day :-)

penfold said...

...surely you have better things to do in your lunch hour...

70steen said...

NM mmmmmm I just hate it when you are sooooooo right :-)

70steen said...

Pen!!!!!!! You can't be fully awake you have tripped and fallen into 70s land....... but you are very welcome :-)

what is there better to do than read your blog in my lunch time???
2 things
1. shop for shoes &
2. (can't say coz I would blush) ;-)

Sugar Queens Dream said...

I dream of the 70's again! I just wish we could travel back!

70steen said...

SQ it would be great fun wouldn't it :-)

shle3pyb4by said...
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shle3pyb4by said...

shoes? shoes and more shoes?!! yayyy!! *twirl*

penfold said...

I think you should definitely say...
(blushing is very attractive btw)

70steen said...

Baby shoes are great but I bet you go through a few pairs a day with all your twirling :-)

70steen said...

Pen, just come a bit closer and I will whisper it to you ;-)