Wednesday, 24 October 2007

1978 August / September week 35

Sunday 27th August
Worked 10.00- 6.45
Sam came to see me at 2.30
Spent my lunch time with him
His family had come up to see his grand parents
Came home at 7.15
Phoned Fi & ‘J’
‘J’ came round to help me pack
Fi brought my brothers jeans round (huh??)
Sam phoned from the Tickled Trout
He is at a 21st ‘do’
I love him & shall miss him this week

Monday 28th August
Bank Holiday
Worked 10.00 – 7.00 = very busy even though it was bitterly cold
‘J’ came to see me
Got home at 7.20
Fi came round with some cookery books
Had a bath & washed my hair
Sam phoned he was very drunk
He had been in the Woolpack from 1.00pm – 10.30 pm

Tuesday 29th August
Go to Croydon
Set off at 7.30 pm
Got to Thornton Heath at 3.00
Traffic through London = terrible
Went to my Aunties pub ‘The Pawson’s Arms’ = nice

I am staying at my cousin’s house

Phoned Sam at 10.00pm
Cost 30p for 3 minutes
Got to bed at 12.00

Wednesday 30th August
Got up at 8.30
Met Mar in Croydon at 11.00
Bought a white jumper & a ring
Shops = so cool
Played darts in the pub then phoned Sam at 6.30
Went to the Crescent Pub to play pool
Beat my brother
This black fellow challenged me to a game and he won
Went to the West End through China Town, Soho, Piccadilly Circus
Got home at 12.30

from my grandfathers (F.A.I) postcard collection

Thursday 31st August
Got up at 9.00am
Went to East Street Market
Bought a dress for £7.00, a wallet for Sam, 2 pairs of grey stockings, a DIY Paddington mask (a what???? Bizarre) and a spice rack for Mar to say thanks for the holiday (now weren't spice racks such a 70s thing)
At night Mar went to the Talk of the Town
My brother, cousin and I went to see my uncle in Lewisham.
We went in my cousins MG Midget sports car
Very cramped journey but so cool
My uncle is still the same old teaser (no one loves a fairy when he’s 40)
Got back to my cousins at 1.30 am

Friday 1st September
Got up at 9.30
Went to Oxford Street
Went to Selfridges it is so posh (gosh now we have one a couple of minutes from the office & 15 minutes from home in the Trafford Centre ... it is a weekly or tri weekly visit to Selfridges!!)
Bought a necklace for Von & a comb for Fi.
Didn’t have much time for shopping
Stayed in the pub all night
Wore my new dress
Another cousin came to see us. It was lovely to see him
Got back at 12.30

Saturday 2nd September
Got woken up at 9.30
Went to my Auntie’s pub to pack the car
Set off at 12.00
Bought ‘J’ a pressy
Got home at 6.20 pm
Phoned Sam and Fi
Sam came round at 7.00 (good grief I had hardly got my coat off)
Phoned ‘J’ but she was away in the Lakes

Glad to be back with Sam didn’t realize how much I missed him (awwww!!)


Daddy Papersurfer said...

This is getting scary - we used to live in Lewisham!
Oh, I've just remembered you are so much younger than me, so we couldn't have bumped into one another - phew.

70steen said...

Phew ..... so I am !!

I'd have bought you a drink or challenged you to pool if I had of !

nursemyra said...

that's a great postcard :-)

70steen said...

thank you NM I have quite a few & I have already put on FAI my Grandad... they have enabled me to get a fair way with my family tree