Friday, 1 February 2008

1st February 1979

Thursday 1
Got up at 10.00
Went to college

Made plain and chocolate swiss rolls in cookery
Got a lovely letter off Sam
Phoned him and had a really good natter
Fi rang

The whole of my family are big grumpy sods.
I feel like leaving (ahhh the joys of being a teenager lol)

In my 'girls book of knowledge' or 'Jackie magazine' in 1975 they asked
I certainly won't be around to see it but maybe my teen might as an old lady. The replies where quite interesting.
Mike Batt was right with over crowding but about staying the same ?? Hey he hung out with weird creatures who recycled & were advised to exercise daily ... maybe he thought that we would always recycle & exercise like we did in the 70s and not become the disposable world we have become & suddenly to realise that to recycle & exercise is the way to go ??

Susan, Folkestone, Kent
'I think life will be much the same as it is today, but the world will seem much smaller. For instance, Britain and Europe will be part of one State and as air travelis bound to be more advanced, places will be more accessible and men will be able to fly from one side of the globe to the other in no time!' (Easy Jet???)

Davy, Battle, Susex
I think there's a grim picture ahead. We will have exhausted most of our natural resources: we'll be disastrously over crowded (unless there's a plague or a world war): the climate will be colder; we'll all be vegetarians; and there will be 1001 channels on the telly! Ugh! I'm glad I am here and gone tomorrow! (Climate change)

Lucy, Ashford, Kent
It all depends on what we do now! If we can manage to stay at peace, to ration our resources, to cut down our population, too be less greedy and selfish, and think about the future.. then there may be a beautiful world in 2075. But I doubt it. I think it will be even more ugly and concrete ridden than it is now!

Linda, London, SW18
If the world has not been destroyed by war by then, I think people will probably be living on the moon or in cities under the sea

June, Motherwell, Lanarkshire
I think man can only progress so far before some catastrophe sends him back to square one. Probably by 2075 people will be living in caves again. there are plenty of signs around the world of previous advanced civilisations which have vanished without a trace.(I can ID with that theory)

Les, Maidstone, Kent
It'll be a great place. No work, just lots of fabulous-looking robots, nothing ugly at all. There will be tremendous advances in music and films and no school. We'll have pocket computer- brains to tell us all we need to know. (Music downloads, karaoke, I pods, Blackberry's)

Some other quotes ' people will be born in test tubes' , 'massive factories producing all our food', 'cures will be found for many of the diseases which are still present in our society', 'I don't think will have the working life we now know it: computers will be used'......................... my theory is it will be like 'Blade Runner'


nursemyra said...

oooh blade runner - great film!!

70steen said...

one of my very fav's NM of all time :-)

boat tart said...

Any film by Ridley Scott is just so fab....Thelma and Louise, Alien, A Good Year, Gladiator to name but a few..... But before 2075 we have 2012...and we will be on our way 1st class to some other dimension with stoli & bolli.....

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Ab Fab comes to the comment box! Let's go with Boat Tart!
Can I dress up and be a drunken Womble? ...... pleeeeeeease ..... before being time warped.

70steen said...

Yep BT can't argue against the talent of Ridley Scott

Oh yes the age of aquarius 2012 bash with Stoli & Boli ... must put it in my forward planner you know me I will forget lol

DP~ it would actually be really funny to see you as a drunken Womble .... great padding when you fall down :-D

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Unusual Blog

You from Kent?

70steen said...

JJ- do I take that as a compliment????
No not from Kent .... I'm a northern lass

70steen said...

just popped over to your place JJ & thank you for the 'blog of the week' mention :-)