Monday, 18 February 2008

18th February 1979

Sunday 18
China invaded Vietnam
Got up at 11.00.

Washed my hair

Me & Sam went to Mike and Stan's houses

Sam left at 7
Will really miss him as I won't see him until 1st March

The results from yesterdays quiz... paraphrased :-

Mostly A's

'perfectly reasonable reactions ..... if you are 10 years old. If you are 5 years older than this then you are immature for your age....' 'you are a little slow at maturing' 'you will find life easier if you don't try to be independent just yet'
If you are over 18 and scored more than 3 A's you are really immature and you should act more responsibly'

Mostly B's

'normal teenagers reactions..... if you are around 15' ' you probably know you are not always in control of your emotions' 'subject to difficult moods' ''This doesn't mean you are immature at all it is all part
of the process of growing up and it would be abnormal if a teenager was self-controlled'
'If you are under this age, then you are mature for your age' 'it maybe hard for you to accept that although you can look after yourself & make decisions your parents may still treat you as a baby ... prove them wrong!'
If you are older than 18 & scored more than 5 B's you are rather immature for your age' 'live your life at your ow
n speed' 'Don't let it bother you if other people are getting engaged while you feel so unready- it's not a badge of success to wear an engagement ring'

Mostly C's

'The mature reaction of a normal young adult aged 18-20 or so.' 'If you are younger than this you have matured fast and have a tolerant, sensible approach to life' 'Don't get too smug' 'When you fall in love, feel angry or hurt you tend to forget your mature reactions' 'although you feel quite capable of tackling a big responsibility, it is not always wise to tackle anything alone'

Mostly D's

'those of a person, of any age who feels mature but is not up to face reality alone' 'if you are between 12 & 15, answer D's mean you take a very serious, responsible view of life... maybe too serious' 'being a teenager isn't exactly a licence to have fun but it is a time to make mistakes and learn from them' ' you will find when you are 25 or so, you feel you have never had much fun and then it is too ate to do all the mad things you should have done at 15'

So there you have it ... glad I didn't do this as a teen lol

p.s had my hair done today


Cowgirl Betty said...

Pink?! Woohoo--tres glam!

70steen said...

Thank you CGB ..... I often have pink put in (preparing for being in the pink rinse brigade lol)

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I do get confused as you know ...... is that the front or the back of your head?

70steen said...

I can understand your confusion as I didn't have my glasses on

shle3pyb4by said...

hi 70steen!! wowwww!!!! *amazingly impressed with a big twirl for 70steen*

cool!! seriously!! mine is horrible wobble!! splotches here and there... hehehehe...

i loikeeeee!!! *twirl again*

anyway, i got mostly Cs... so, i am reasonable eh?! im quite shocked!!! just love your quizzes!! always!! ;)

70steen said...

thankyou b4by. I just love the look on the stuffed shirts I have to deal with when I walk into boring meetings... no one comments but all look and they are dying to say something hee hee
yours looks fab btw not splotchy at all

Yep C is a good place to be :-)
more quizzes to come along the way

Anonymous said...

pretty in pink! b4by has purple and I have corvette red.

we three would look good on the town together!

70steen said...

ok where are we going ???? :-)

Kimchihead said...

Great color! :-) Or should I say, "colour"? ;-)

shle3pyb4by said...

yes... we are the trio! so, where are we heading, again? hmm... :)

70steen said...

Thank you K .... one language so many variations hee hee (especially how I type lol)

b4by - we must all arrange a venue ;-)

linda said...

OMG, that's pretty! Awesome!!

70steen said...

Thank you

Anonymous said...

how about Paris? perhaps sylvie could pop over too....

shle3pyb4by said...

yayyy!! off we go!! when are we going, anyway? *wondering*