Wednesday, 13 February 2008

13th February 1979

Wednesday 13

Phoned Sam at lunch time
He was a bit grumpy

Fi went with Chris again last night (I thought she was seeing Tony R?? Teens hey??)
Sam phoned at 9.00
He was grumpy again- sod
It's not my fault cos I'm not there

But he
won't tell me what exactly is wrong (humph men hey!!)
Posted his lette

Now this would have been forefront
in my mind as a teen in 1979 (from Judy annual 1979)

'How to Dowse for Water?' surely that is more im
portant than 'how do I attract the guy I am interested in?', 'does my bum look big in this?', 'Should I wear lilac eyeshadow or is that too much colour with my blue eyes?' and so on
In a world hooked up on global warming today maybe there are some handy hints here? Yes that means YOU!!!

It is simple and I just love the last paragraph 'So keep your mind open. Think of what you are searching for - but not too hard. Just relax and let it happen' ...... general advice for life I think?

Now think of water and grip your rods light
Try it indoors ???????
This has to involve alcohol!!!

Now how to make one??
A rolled up newspaper?
I seem to recall a case where a chap, in his defence, when accused of 'improper behaviour on a railway station ' stated it was a rolled up copy of the 'Times'!!!

Why bother with all that pre-amble? Just cut to the chase give me those coat hangar rods to find treasure :-)

p.s. if you follow this and find a treasure.... remember who directed you there ;-)


Cowgirl Betty said...

Haven't tried this one . . . my uncle, a real cowboy who also worked for an oil company said they hired professional dowsers to find oil.

tNb said...

I'm still trying to destroy all evidence of any lilac eyeshadow ...

Anonymous said...

no your bum doesn't look big but you should go easy on the lilac eyeshadow

Sugar Queens Dream said...

Oh yes dowsing for water is much more important LOL... Although I am not much for Lilac eye shadow even now, I have hazel eyes....
Hugs and "Happy Valentines Day"

70steen said...

CGB~ maybe I was a bit rash in dismissing this idea????? It could be my path to ricjes and escape from the shackles of work... must dash I have a wire coat hanger to bend :-)

70steen said...

tNb~ thankfully I have no pictorial evidence of the eyeshadow horrors.... unfortunately though the trauma is imprinted in my memory though!!!!

70steen said...

NM~ thanks hun, I just thought the lilac eyes would detract from my ass lol

70steen said...

SQ~ I don't think lilac eyeshadow suits anyone lol
Valentine hugz to you too :-)

Cowgirl Betty said...

. . . perhaps me too--although, I think I would trust a geologist on finding oil more than a dowser ; ) I would also trust Paris Hilton to find any unearthed blue eyeshadow.

70steen said...

LOL :-) I think she mined the lot