Friday, 15 February 2008

15th February 1979

Thursday 15
Got to college at 1/2 11
Made kromeskies, raspberry mousse & biscuits = really nice
Tried to revise Sociology for tomorrow
Phoned Sam
Weather is V. bad so don't know if he''ll be able to come up but I hope so

I got to thinking tonight 'I wonder what advertisements influenced a 70s Teen all those years ago?' So I started to surf YouTube. There are loads on there I can tell you. I have had to whittle the selection down, which is a shame.
The ones I have chosen are all to do with looking & feeling good ... the 'must haves' being a Teen

Firstly your hair had to look just perfect (what am I saying I had just had a curly perm!!!).
These first 3 what a hoot? Those plumy English accents

Super Soft

Harmony Hairspray

No I don't remember this advert but I do remember sewing the 'smiley face' and 2 fingered US peace patch to my jeans

Wonderbra- wish I would have had a Wonderbra. I don't think I discovered such a thing until much, much later

Now the perfume I wore rive gauche by YSL for years

Loved Charlie in fact it has had a revival as my teen and her mates use Charlie body spray

I so remember this one

& your eyeshadow... not lilac though!!

You know I found a fantastic advertisement... totally unrelated to make-up, feeling good, fashion etc but from the 70s.... can I find it now after surfing at a tangent? can I heck!! How frustrating!


tNb said...

I don't remember Rive Gauche but the girl who's so contemporary, the one who's having too much fun to marry, she's not sitting home by the phone, if she wants to go she goes it alone ... she sounds fantastic.

Is she or isn't she? ;-)

Anonymous said...

hey I used to wear Rive Gauche! I thought the blue and silver packaging was sooo cool back then

70steen said...

It is relative to what part of your life you are at I suspect ......
I liked the sports car though you wouldn't get a husband and 3 screaming kids in that would you. Only just enough room for your Louis Vuitton vanity case

70steen said...

NM~ yes it was so 'contemporary' I think it was to get away from the stuffy French perfumes our mum's would wear ... I wonder if you can still buy it???

Anonymous said...

yes, I'm sure I've seen it in those specialty perfume shops that stock the good, the bad and the ugly.

70steen said...

yep here it is .. I didn't think it would be so expensive !!