Wednesday, 27 February 2008

27th February 1979

Tuesday 27
General Studies Mock A'level exam - 9 -12 = hard
Eclipse of the sun in U.S.A.
Letter off Sam

Fi rang
Skived Business Studies (I hated it so much.... although I did go on to study it at University, mad woman that I am!!)
Miss Sam
He went to a Shrove Tuesday 'do'

Here are the results of the 'How Natural are You?' quiz.

Mark your answers as below then
add them up. Now no cheating !!!!

Scored 60 - 70? (this must be DP as he said he
is 'one big grey area' ~ mmmm has he got this copy of the magazine??

Scored 71 - 80? I wanted to be in this category !!

Scored 81 - 90? This is so not me really ... just one point has flung me into being superficial and passionless... but ok it is true, however, that I like facts and love to enquire as to how things function (a bitter sweet review!!)

Scored 91 - 100? All drama, danger & a yearning to abandon yourself to you deepest emotions!!! ooooooo!!!


Daddy Papersurfer said...

I scored 500 plus some ...... please explain.
And when is the next Fanzine due out? What do you think I'm paying you for ........?

70steen said...

The explanation is that you cannot count !!!!

Fanzine ? what Fanzine?? Ah that Fanzine!!!

As it's a leap year .... who knows ????

nursemyra said...

I got 71 so I just scraped in to the second category :-)

shle3pyb4by said...

hi... :)
im rushing today's lunch time. anyway, i got the chance to calculate mine. i got 73! phew!! :)

talk to you guys later tonite!! wee....

70steen said...

Well done girls :-)

nursemyra said...

the live fuelmyblog was fun wasn't it?

70steen said...

aw it was great .... fab to see you there :-)