Tuesday, 5 February 2008

5th February 1979

Monday 5
College at 9.00
Fi = Tony R for defo

Came home at 3.00 cos I didn't feel too grand

Phoned Sam he has a prospectus fro
m Blackpool college
Bought his Valentines card
Made a sun dress
(I remember this dress I made it out of some material Kate's dad found in his mums house. It was green with small flowers on. The dress had shoe string shoulder straps..... it was bloody awful !! lol)

I was going to do a 1970s exercise type post tonight as yours truly is on an exercise kick just now, loads of walking and pilates (I am s
ure the teacher is trying to kill me!!) Alas & rather surprisingly I couldn't find much in my source material. In fact only this image. An easy but effective way to tackle 'Bingo Wings'. It's a good one and relevant to today with the amount of time we generally spend sat at a PC

So instead I have picked some random stuff that are classics from the 70s
I had both the bracelet and necklace which were made out of some cheap metal which bent out of shape if you forgot to take them off in bed

Love the last line of this ad!
When is thong not a thong? When it wa
s the 70s!
I so wanted one of these!!!
And the youth of today think that Txt/MSN spk is nu.....gr8 twas ere int 70s but we hd to rite it long hnd wit a pen (just my type of shorthand lol)

You just wouldn't wear this would you? It looks like a breast plate for a suit of armour. Now bias binding is something I have not seen in years, I recall spending hours hand sewing that stuff on the raw edges of material !!!!


nursemyra said...

bingo wings? we call them tuckshop arms over here :-)

Shinade said...

Oh my word are they talking about things(flip flops)...or, things(our ever so popular and completely acceptable undies nowadays)?

I am not sure.

But, as we both know I often am not sure..LOL:):)

70steen said...

NM~ 'tuck shop arms' ?? Where on earth does that come from?? I wonder what other expressions there are around the world for that lol

70steen said...

Jackie~ over here it is definitely the cheese slicer type underwear lol

Sugar Queens Dream said...

My sweet since I don't know your name well except for 70's I would like to high five you for our mention by cutie Kevin in the Guardian, It really means a lot to be mentioned by anyone in the Fuel my Blog world....
WE rock as everyone else does too.....
Peace out babe~~

70steen said...

Sugar Judy ~ a High 5 back. I must admit I saw the post on Fuel directing us to the Guardian saying a couple of us were mentioned. I clicked on it and sat here in pure amazement (really I did) I couldn't believe that my little contribution made it on there, I was in a state of 'OMG !!' But what I wrote is true we have found so much about everyone in this friendly environment, penpals where we tell each other stuff
You were there too, SQ was in the Guardian a double high 5 gal :-)

shle3pyb4by said...

bingo wings? hmmm... *wondering*

i only know chicken wings, and i love it so much!! ;) *giggles*

i am so in a giggly mode today! millions of apology! :) *twirl twirl twirl*

70steen said...

b4by you are far too young to even wonder about such awful things hee hee (thankfully I don't have them either!!)

So how come you are giggly gal??

shle3pyb4by said...

hi 70steen, i dont know. it seems like last nite was a happy day for me, in fact... today too! :)

probably the crazy ol' man who sat next to me early morning yesterday 'transfer' the odd-ness way of thinking, so that might be the reason?! no, yes? :)

laa laa... i think i am so talkative today! :)