Sunday, 17 February 2008

17th February 1979

Saturday 17
Worked 11.00 - 5.00 £4.00 wages
Met Sam at lunch time then at 5.00

He had bought my Mum some flowers (obviously trying to get in Mum's good book!)

Went to Follies = really great danced most of the night

Fi was in tears over Chris
(oh the trauma of teen life)
Got home at 2.15 am

Obviously doing this time warp blog d
oes get me to thinking (I do take care and only think in small doses).

I think about how I am at the same age my was Mum was 1977 and my Teen is the sa
me age I was in 1976 (my Mum had me & I had my Teen at the same age)
It does become a bit of a parallel universe..... I look at my Mum as the old lady, she is now in her late 70s and I think when my teen is my age I will be like my Mum (that is when the thinking stops instantly!!)

I don't feel the age I am, nor do most think I look it (thankfully I am still mistaken for being under 40..... result!!)

...oh there are a few other parallel universe things too, we both had mother-in-laws whose names were the names of flowers, we both married men who were the eldest son with a younger brother a good deal younger & we both became single again at the same age (she was widowed & were as I got divorced ... )

So anyway a quick quiz to just confirm a few things ..................

I must disagree with some of the preamble there ' you can't go back and be a teenager again at some time in the future'......... you can certainly feel like one again when that 'special' person, event, experience comes your way

1. Imagine you have an older sister who is more beautiful, talented, witty and clever than you, and she is also a nice person. (70s Edit. Impossible!!). One day you hear your mum talking a friend and over hear her say that she wished you were more like your sister. What would be your reaction?

a) go upstairs and tear something of your sister's into tiny shreds, in an uncontrollable fit of rage and temper
b) Burst into tears and tell your mum you want to leave home for ever
c) Burst in to tears but tell no one
d) Resolve yourself to ask your sister for help to make the best of yourself

2. You have a boyfriend, lets pretend, who teases you about your freckles and says that you look about 8 years old when you don't wear make-up. Your reaction is?? ...

d) You exaggerate the freckles with make-up and wear younger clothing
b) you feel faintly annoyed but realise you can't do much about it
c) You realise it's his way of saying he loves you and just laugh
a) you feel so mad, fly into a temper, and try more sophisticated make-up and clothes when you know you will be seeing him

3. You have been left looking after somebody's baby for the day and your boyfriend calls round to take you out. As he has younger brothers and susuters he is ok with a bit of pram-pushing - but you feel?

a) Very embarrassed to be seen with him and a baby
b)best to leave the baby at home
c) it would be rather funny to go out as a threesome
d) you promised to look after the baby so you can't go out with him

4. You have tremendous row with your boyfriend, when you cool off later you realise that you got your facts wrong. When he calls round later you??...

b) feel too embarrassed to admit being in the wrong and make up the quarrel without apologising
d) you humbly admit your mistake, explaining you must have got your facts mixed up
a) you yell at him some more to cover up your confusion, and say that he had no business in yelling at you in the first place
c) you make up first - then admit your mistake later

5. You get a chain letter, which says that unless you send money to the top 4 names on the list and send the letter to 20 of your friends, you will bring bad luck to yourself and darkly hints that fatal accidents have been known to happen to people that fail to follow the instructions. Would you??....

d) report the letter to the authorities
c) Tear it up without another thought
b)Tear it up but feel worried
a) Do as you are told

6. You and a girlfriend sneak into an X-rated certificate film just for giggles, but get spotted by a neighbour as you are coming out. Her parents think it is funny bt tell her not to do it again... yours however have a blue fit, and ban you from seeing your friend again. It is unfair, but what would you do about it?....

a) sulk and throw tantrums until the ban is lifted
b) argue constantly about it, keeping your temper, and say it was your idea not hers, in the first place
c) let things cool down before raising the subject again quietly
d) admit you were wrong, but say their reaction was stupid and refuse to give up your friend

I have the normal reaction of a young adult 18 -20 hee hee :-)
results tomorrow


Anonymous said...

ok, I've done the questions and tried to answer as if I were still a teen (is that how you want us to do it?). 1b,2b,3d,4d,5c,6c.

and now I'm gonna guess the mums-in-laws' names.....

iris, rose, violet, lily, daisy, poppy, laurel, primrose. they are all names of our current patients, sometimes I think everyone born in the 1920s was named after a flower

Daddy Papersurfer said...

It's all in the mind ....... I've lost mine, so what does that make me I wonder........?

shle3pyb4by said...

c,b,c,c,c,d... so, how is mine? ;)

Anonymous said...

did I guess either of the flower names?

Anonymous said...

did I guess either of the flower names?

70steen said...

Dear NM ~ yes you got their names up there. Mums mum-in-law was born 1890 and mine in 1935.... so the flower banes went on. Only Rose's these days and a few Lily's it would seem

70steen said...

DP do you really want me to answer that ???