Saturday, 9 February 2008

9th February 1979

Friday 9
Got a letter off Sam
ad 3 hours off today so came home for dinner with Fi
Fi came round 8.20 -11.00

We d
id some dancing in the front room
Spoke to 'J'

Rang Sam He is gong to Manchester tomorrow & Waterloo Sunday (yip)
Can't wait to see him

Well through my blog you may have noticed that I always had a thing for dark haired chaps.... Donny, Bryan Ferry and Sam is dark haired too, (so much so when we went to Spain everyone thought he was Spanish & also there was time he was taken for an Italian waiter in a restaurant!! He did have the same shirt on as the waiters though). He has gone a bit grey now :-)
I also had a thing about Paul Michael Glaser . Even to the point of having a life sized poster of him on my bedroom wall complete with the darned cardi!!!!!!

So when I saw this quiz, I thought 'it has to be done'

Have a go and see .......... for the first time ever I have highlighted my answers !!!

1. If you were lucky enough to get the star treatment, what sort of actress would you be?
c) You'd only appear in glamorous, feminine roles. If you career looked like spoiling a special romance you would give it up for love
a) You'd go after realistic roles in films and you would try to be 'liberated' in your outlook and in your private life
b) You'd be the type of actress who would do funny parts as well as the more serious stuff - and you would make sure you had fun doing both

2. If you wanted to get a boy really interested in you, would you try ..........?
a) the friendly approach... trying to find out all the things you have in common
b) the traditional method... letting him make the first move and generally all the runnin
c) the vampire method..... charm, sex appeal and looking fantastically
beautiful at all times

3. Which of these types of boys do you admire?
b) one who makes it to the top himself
c) one who has a really strong personality
a)one who has high principles especially about right & wrong

4. To which of these places would you like to take your dream boy?
c) a lively youth club

a) a small friendly restaurant
b) a disco

5. When would you feel happiest?
a) surrounded by people you care for and with whom you
feel totally at ease with
b)sitting with your feet up, relaxing completely maybe reading a book or pottering around
c) doing something wild& free - like driving a fast car with the wind whipping your hair

6. If you suddenly became a millionairess over night . would you .......?

c) enjoy your money and be carefree with it while it lasted, living for the present
b) have a glorious spend thrift time, splashing out on minks (disclaimer this is fro
m the 1970's), yachts, diamonds, champagne and generally spread some happiness around you
a) be totally confused ..... you wouldn't really know what to do with it

7. If your boyfriend got into a fight, would you think .........?
a) he's probably got forced into it

b) he's a fool
c) he knows how to stick up for himself when he has to

8. How much do 'sweet nothings' mean to you?
a) quite a lot you want to be told how much he loves you

c) you don't need to talk about love all the time
b) you can take them or leave them - and anyway it depends on how sincerely he says them

9. If you had an hour spare how would you most likely to spend the time?

c) leaping around your bedroom doing yoga or keep fit exercises
b) doing 2 or 3 things at once and if you have been very good finishing one of them (I guess the term multi-tasking had not been invented then?)
a) curled up with a book listening to music

10. What do you think about family life & family get-togethers in general?
b) it has its appealing side ... but can be wearing at times
a) smashing - all warm and cosy. There's nothing better than a close family
c) fine in moderation, as long as it doesn't tie you down too much

11. Everyone has faults. Which of the following is nearest to you?

a) moodiness and patches of depression
b) defensiveness - it takes you ages to decide to treat someone as a friend
c) restlessness - you get bored very easily

12. What kind of romance would appeal to you most?

b) the crazy whirlwind kind - so strong there can be no doubt about it lasting
a)where you set off just as good friends then gradually, with a slow sense of excitement realise that you are falling in love
c) the instant attraction kind, where you find out you have loads in common and your person
alities are perfectly matched too

13. Which of the following heroines would you have most liked to be ?
a) Florence Nightingale
b) Joan of Arc

c) Queen Elizabeth I

Well I got mostly A's .... I should have known .........
I fancied the wrong bloke !!!!!! lol :-)

Full results tomorrow


nursemyra said...

mostly As too!

Joan of Arc? she got burned at the stake! are you mad woman?

wait 'til I tell daddyp this...

shle3pyb4by said...

hi! i just love quizzes in your section! (uhuhh... i think i spell the quizzes wrong!).

anyway, i got mostly Cs... i mean, mostly... maybe 2 of 'em not C. does that means bad news? *wondering*

happy weekends! (was busy cleaning my room! i dont even go out to dance at all this week! :) )

Cowgirl Betty said...

I am split with As and Bs. The tiebreaker went to one C--I really dig Elizabeth I. What does that mean? Do I prefer redheads?

70steen said...

Thank you for taking part girls I will post the meanings later on my next post.
NM~ Joanie may have got a bit fried but she was a feisty maiden
B4by ~ mostly C's is not bad news (there is no bad news here lol)
CGB~ so do you prefer red heads then??

sylvie d said...

starky et hutch...talalalaaaaaa...that's my saturday lunch on TFI and it was in French :-)

sylvie d said...

oooo I have just noticed the questionnaire!

Rybu said...

Wait a sec, these questions don't apply to me.

70steen said...

so how did you do Sylvie??

Rybu~ ooops sorry but how far into the quiz did you get before realising lol :-)

nursemyra said...

"maiden" being the operative word 70s :-)

70steen said...

Weren't they all???? lol