Thursday, 28 February 2008

28th February 1979

Wednesday 28
College 9 - 11.
Phoned Fi
Played basketball at Tech

Bought train ticket to go to Stafford
Cost £4.30 1/2 price with student rail card


Sam phoned at 10.00

Went to bed

As 1979 was not a leap year there will be no normal (if you can call it normal) 70steen post....... but do pop in as I WILL be posting :-)

I am a bit pushed for time tonight so I will leave you with a Mail Order catalogue from 1976 that has been put on You Tube (sorry DP you will have to wait until you have some more bandwidth!!)There are some great 'call out the Fashion Police' examples :-)


Thomas Hamburger Jnr said...

I like to imagine the following discussion

70s: Hi, Fi

Fi: Hi!

70's: Why, Fi?

Fi: Listen! I can get my head around 'hi-fi', because my Dad just bought Stereo Sounds for The Seventies. It's fab! But what do you mean by 'wi-fi'?

70's: Dunno. But ask me again next millenium.

70steen said...

Hey Thomas
I love that
But you missed out 'stack system' in stereo ..... followed by woofers (now that is the extent of my Hi Fi knowledge!!)

has Wi-fi now gone to Wii??