Sunday, 10 February 2008

10th February 1979

Saturday 10
Worked 11-5 £4.00
Bought a pair of brown leather shoes.

They were £12.99 but with my discount they were £10.39 (wow I certainly knew how to make money stretch out them days .... £4.00/ week wages, out a lot and still able to buy £10.39 shoes)
Went to an under 14s disco at church = great

Sam phoned
I am going to see him tomorrow (yipee)

Here are the results from last nights quiz!!!!

Make of them what you will :-)

I was tagged today by Cowgirl Betty to take part in this meme. I am not a meme ish type of gal but there are those that I do find interesting and this was one as it is fairly random in its results (Ok maybe other memes are too?? but this has simple to follow instructions lol)

1. Pick up the nearest book ( of at least 123 pages).
2. Open the book to page 123.

3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people.

1. My chosen book is this one Yep 336 pages including the conclusion
It tells the life stories of 5 amazing women who were Courtesans.

~ Sophia Baddeley 1745-1786
~Elizabeth Armistead 1750-1842

~Harriette Wilson 1786-1845

~Cora Pearl 1835 -1886
~Catherine Walters 1839- 1920

They were all lovers to the rich & famous of their eras and who excelled in dazzling/interesting conversation.

2. done
3. 5th Sentence ~ 'A sunny spring day at St Anne's Hill, with his books and Elizabeth, was for Fox a very paradise of earthly delights' this is followed by a little poem written by Fox which I have not included for the 3 sentences

The seventh of May
Is the happiest day
That I ever spent in my life
The sun did shine
The birds snag divine
And I was all day with my wife

4. next 3 ~' But Elizabeth was not his wife. Everybody knew it, most especially Elizabeth herself. For all her outward composure, she had always been painfully aware that many, if not all, of Fox's friends would have considered her entirely expendable if a real contender to be his wife appeared.'

Page 123 falls mid way through Elizabeth Armistead's story.
Here is a New Statesman write up about the book in 2003

This is a great book, the last words of the conclusion sums up the uniqueness of these women

'For the men who adored and desired them, these great courtesans were indeed pearls without a price, richly worth the fortunes that were spent on them, and more. For all their follies and extravagance, as personalities they surely rank among the most outstanding women of all time: magnificently, ruinously - but wholly-themselves'

5. Tag 5???? I had a surf around before and I have found that most folk I would have tagged have already been tagged ..... so I leave it to the reader who has not already been tagged to take a go :-


Cowgirl Betty said...

OK, so I can be both Starsky and Hutch, but leaning towards the Hutch.

I guess this means I do lean towards the redheads--if I consider it a cross between the two. But isn't Hutch blond? Wait, or is he the other one? Oh phoey . . . I'm confused.

Thanks for the meme--it's a good bit of fun, ay? Excellent reading choice, by the way.

shle3pyb4by said...

hey there... uhuh, i got mostly C, and when i read the results, hmm... you know what ive been gotten myself into. hehhe.... all bad luck with me... the sentence where it says, the guy will most of the times not in his ownself and i have to put up with it... hahahhaa.... so true! ;)

nice quiz anyway... :)

nursemyra said...

an under 14s church disco? my that sounds like good clean fun :-)

hey, weren't you older than 14 then? if not, the child labour laws must have been revised....

70steen said...

Hutch with a smigging of Starsky may well be good fun :-)

It is a great book well worth a read
have you seen the Scandalous Women blog on FMB it is wicked

70steen said...

Hey b4by there are loads of positives there I recognise in you
'fun and sociable with lots of character' 'great zest for life' :-)

70steen said...

yep I was a couple of years older NM ... I reckon I went as I used to be a Sunday school teacher (god help 'em) so I probably went to help ..... can't think why else I would have been there

nursemyra said...

a sunday school teacher?!?! oh my...

70steen said...

it worries me too lol :-)