Monday, 11 February 2008

11th February 1979

Sunday 11
Got up at 11.00
Had a bath & hair wash

Sam came round at 2.40 til 5.00

Had a good talk
Really appreciate him coming up this weekend

love him
Started to make a pink satin waistcoat (it was fuchsia pink and bloody awful lol )
Fi phoned

In the Judy Annual for schoolgirls 1979 there is a 3 page 'spread' about Rod Hull and Emu. Now I am not entirely sure how widely spread Rod's act was known across the world, but he had this rather annoying puppet Emu attached to his arm. Through the 70s and beyond he made this his career & most folk my age were brought up with Rod and that thing

The article in Judy tells us about how he got to have his arm up an Emu's posterior!
The article also mentions entertainers of that era who I had quite forgotten (maybe for a good reason!!)

Here is a classic 70s clip of Rod and his annoying Emu in action on Parkinson

He even had his own TV spot .... EMU-TV . This next clip is with Bill Oddie from the Goodies (Ah!! the Goodies... that will have to be another post on their own)

In the 80s Rod and his Emu had a viewership of about 11 million. Unfortunately he became bankrupt later in the 80s, his wife divorced him (she should have just cut off his right arm and got rid of the emu) and he fell out out public view only appearing in Pantomines & TV commercials.
In 1999 unfortunately Rod died. He climbed on the roof of his house to adjust his TV ariel so he could get a better picture on his TV whilst watching a game of football (Inter Milan v Manchester United) and fell off. I bet that ruddy emu was to blame it was probably up there with him trying to adjust it for him !!


nursemyra said...

bring on the Goodies!

nursemyra said...

bring on the Goodies!

Sugar Queens Dream said...

that was an awesome post!
My name is Judy! I thought that was sweet. I had my second child in 1979....

70steen said...

NM I will bring on the Goodies 2 fold for you my dear mate :-)

70steen said...

Oh yes SQ- Judy! I didn't think of that ... I tell you both you and Shinade (Jackie mag) were big news in 70s world x

Diane said...

I loved 'Judy'.

'Sandra and the Secret Ballet' was my favourite serial. I think I am a lot older than you tho' so maybe 'Sandra' was finished before you read it.....


70steen said...

Hi Diane thank you for dropping by.

Don't recall Sandra but I do seem to remember another ballet story line but maybe that was in Bunty??

Hope you enjoy the blog

Diane said...

Bunty! The Four Marys! Loved it.

Alan said...
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Alan said...

Hi - I have a big favour to ask of you...

I'm trying to track down a story that was in one of my sisters' Christmas annuals, many years ago. I remember vividly the Rod Hull story (thanks for posting it) and I wonder if the story I'm trying to find as in Judy 1979 annual?

The story was about a teenage girl (wow) and her family who have to spend Christmas at an old hotel because the immersion tank burst, flooding their house.
The hotel turns out to be haunted, and our heroine (who I think was called Jenny) befriends a rather handsome young ghost. He tells her his story, and explains how he and his ghost chums are bored. They would love to mingle with Jen and he family, but don't want to scare them.
So between them they hatch a plan to host a fancy-dress party, so the ghosts of old can mingle without arousing suspicion.

I particularly remember one image where 2 ghosts are looking in wonder at a ball-point pen, to the surprise of one of Jen's family. Quote he "It's only a ball-point pen! Jen; are they having me on?"

Anyway - if this story is appears in your Judy annual, could you let me know? It would be one to strike off my ebay list!


70steen said...

Hi Alan
Thank you for dropping by :)

I have had a look at the Judy Annual and unfortunately the story you are looking for is not in it .... sorry but at least that is one less expense on e bay.
Good luck with your search and let me know how you get on