Thursday, 21 February 2008

21st & 22nd February 1979

Wednesday 21
Bought a pair of dark green cords £9.99 = great
Started to make a white silk dress

Phoned Sam

He sounded tired

He said work was busy

Wrote to him

Thursday 22
Made pancakes in cookery (not very exciting hey!)
Phoned Sam

His Mum said he had gone to Blackburn... but I don't know (obviously he hadn't mentioned that the night before)
Bought tickets for David Essex concert (yeah
Fi had her hair dyed purple at Tech for a hairdressing competition

As we are talking about hair I thought a f
ew timely reminders of 70s hair do's was due! I had it long, feathered, curled out, curled under, short & of course then the devil's work~ curly permed which never ever worked but persisted in the hope one day it may!!
Loved Farah's hair but never could get this right either... mine always ended up as a centre parting with 'wings'

Ah the Purdy style! Made popular by Joanna Lumley when she was in 'The New Avengers'. Not a style I sported but Fi (above) her hair was styled like this for the purple colour it looked so cool

Then there was the curled under or under and out style. I know I never mastered this one as I have my first passport photograph taken in 1979 & I managed to look like a springer spaniel

Then there was crimping or should that read 'how to ruin your hair in one easy lesson'!!!

Oh to have one hair cut that was versatile

Then the devil's work

There are some great outlined styles here from the Vogue Book on Gatochy's blog

& if you boys are feeling a bit left out check this out.... the hairstyle names are 'class in a glass' ... as we say here up Norff!!


darlene said...

oh how i remember the Farah "DO" as i also had it the in early 90'

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Joanna Lumley phoned me up once. No, really she did ....... it's a long story.
It's a shame your 'ex' mutilated all the photos of you that were ever taken - did any remain intact?

Anonymous said...

Farah was gorgeous in her day. shame she started having all that weird plastic surgery

70steen said...

Farah was stunning as was Joanna (actually JL is still gorgeous now)

DP - there is one there not mutilated .... it was just I was trying to hold a camera lens cap up with my lips!!!!