Thursday, 7 February 2008

7th February 1979

Wednesday 7
Stayed off again today
Made the tea for everyone (erm can't have been that sick then???)
Sam phoned at 12.00 noon
Fi phoned 2 x

Watched TV
England played Northern Ireland (at football/soccer).
England won 4-0

Watched the Brazilian Grand Prix.
Sam phoned at 11.00 pm.
Miss him

Posted his letter and finished his Valentine (present? card?)

Well from the activity up there Valentines Day is almost upon us again. You never know what is around the corner and where you will be whisked away to.
To that end it would be remiss of me not to share with you all some essential dance steps should your amour take you dancing.... these steps won't fail but to impress!!!!

Do you feel shy when you go to a party or disco because you think you can't dance?
Well worry no more!
Your problems are solved with our step-by- step guide to disco dancing.

This first dance is the 'Jackie'.... quite simple to start you off
1. feet apart
2. Step right, touch left foot behind right (with a bounce)
3. feet apart
4. Step left, touch right foot behind left (with a bounce)

Repeat over and over again, turn around when you want, keep your elbows up like the dancer .... its that simple
Suggested song to dance to like this?? Soul, Stylistics (fab songs and if dancing like a chicken to such a classic as this doesn't impress him then nothing will lol)

If you are feeling more adventurous then the Twist is for you.... the pictures tell it all!
Suggested song ... Twist & Shout ~ the Beatles (Good Luck girls)

Over to America with this one ... the 'L.A. Stomp'. 'A good ice breaker at any party is this dance that everyone can do together in a long line'. Looks like the 'Wigan Slosh' to me (a quaint old Lancashire line dance move!!! Mostly done by women over 60 with polyester dresses and set hair!)
Suggested music 'Art for Art's sake' ~ 10 cc

And finally the 'Bump' ..... guilty as charged, 70s has been known to do this dance on many occasion as she has grown up... so good for aerobic intake (it's a killer done with 'bounce')

Suggested sounds 'Kenny' or the Bay City Rollers

I hope you are all prepared and practiced now and don't forget the 'bounce' with every step you take :-)


shle3pyb4by said...

hey, whoaa... dancing steps? the smells of weekends is somewhere near now... :)

tapp tapp tap tap tadaa raaa raaa.... *practising*

nursemyra said...

it all looks like hard work to me *sigh*

shle3pyb4by said...

70steen, how am i doing? okay or not... i fell a bit, then i try few other steps with a bit of twirl... ;)

happy friday 70steen... :)

Shinade said...

Oh my, I didn't know there was a dance with my name...LOL!!!

Thanks once again for another wonderful walk down memory lane.


jackie>>>>>doing The Bump:)

70steen said...

b4by you are doing great ... keep it up. & if you go clubbing this weekend you could use a few of the steps..... erm well maybe not lol

FRIDAY ***T*W*I*R*L***

70steen said...

NM~ lol it certainly does :-)

70steen said...

Oh Jackie .... of course, sorry I said it was like a chicken dancing oops lol :-) hugz

shle3pyb4by said...

hello! :)

aah.. no, i didnt go to club this week. i went back this eve from work, and suddenly i fell asleep. i am so tired this week. but now, i am awake and its 1 in the morning. sigh.

P/s: uhuhh.. and i miss the LIVE draw. it surely is so much fun eh? :(